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Best Ways to Use Bondage Rope in Sex Play


I think we already know my take on bondage and bondage sex. It's amazing! Nothing excites me more than being bound during one of my favorite role play sessions with Master.

There are different kinds of bondage and different type of restraints. One of the oldest and still commonly used materials for restraint is rope. Many people have migrated away from rope because of things like rope burn, but when used properly it can actually be a lot of fun. If for no other reason than that there are a multitude of ways that you can get creative with rope.

The benefit of choosing rope over some of the other restraint materials is that can it be altered and reused in many situations. It saves money and requires less space than storing several different types of restraint. It can also be adjusted if the size needed increases or decreased for any reason.

So what are some good ways to use rope bondage in your play? Here are a few of my favorite:

  • Harnessing

Body harnessing is a popular bondage technique used in role playing scenes. The idea of a body harness is that it will restrain most, or all, of the body as desired by the dom.

There are harnesses that can be purchased in a variety of sizes and styles, but why pay the money for those when you can make your own using rope? When you decide to make a rope bondage body harness, you are able to conform it to your own desires. That means it can be:

  1. Fully restrictive of all of the body
  2. Partially restrictive
  3. Non-restrictive
  4. Any combination of the above.

You can also make the harness in any size or shape to fit the body type of your sub because you are creating it yourself.

  • Breast Bondage

Did you know that when you bind the breasts it causes a variety of things, including increased sensitivity to the breasts and nipples? It's great!

Using rope you can easily create the breast bondage that you want, whether it is part of the body harness or done entirely on its own. The sub will then enjoy breast and nipple play even more than before. Can you imagine adding nipple clamps to already super sensitive nipples? There is no end to the limits of the imagination.

On top of that, rope allows for you to make the breast bondage in a size that works for the sub. Some have larger breasts than others. Some have smaller. You can even adjust the size if need be.

  • Suspension

When you use suspension, you are doing nothing more than suspending someone above the ground. The extent to which you choose to suspend them is entirely up to the both of you.

Rope is the perfect bondage tool for suspension. It can be raised and lowered, tightened and loosened to give you the perfect setting regardless of how tame or wild you want it to get. It also allows you to bind them further than simple suspension should you choose to do so.

  • Crotch Bondage

If you have never tried a crotch rope then I highly recommend it. Not only is it a form of bondage that can completely excite both the dom and sub, but you have the opportunity for amazing sensations as well. When the rope is placed in contact with the subs genitals, the slight movement will excite and arouse her. This can add an entirely different aspect into bondage sex and role play.