Best Traits to Look for in a Good Dominant


A good dominant will need to have some characteristics. These traits are common of all good dominants, so you need to look out for them. Being a good dominant is something that takes time and patience, but like so many things in life it’s worth it. Remember someone is putting all their trust in you, so you owe them to be as good as you can at this.

Good dominants are always willing to listen to their partner’s. And not just listening, but also being aware of their feelings, concerns, etc. They will support their partners when they need to be supported; not everyone will be at the same place emotionally, so this is an ongoing job. And they should also be willing to listen and respect their feelings, no judgments allowed.

Like I said earlier, submissive’s put all their trust in the dominant, so they must aware of their responsibility at all times. A great dominant knows he/she is in control at all times and should be careful about their partner’s well being and safety. And this includes owning up to mistakes; dominants are human as well and they can make mistakes. The important thing is to take full responsibility for their actions and make sure they don’t happen again.

A dominant should also present itself with confidence and must be self assured, but that doesn’t mean they have every right in the world and should star acting in a rude manner. That fine line between being confident or assertive and being offensive or impolite should never be crossed.

Confidence is important in a dominant, without it they wouldn’t be very dominant. They should carry themselves with assurance; just as well, they should demand things clearly and handle the equipment/tools with conviction. It will also ease the submissive’s nerves; knowing their dominant is completely confident in what they are doing will definitely be the preferred option here.

And this doesn’t mean there is no room to grow. On the contrary, a dominant must always work to learn new things. Remember there are always more things to learn and your techniques can always benefit from being in a state of constant learning. Good dominants know learning never stops.


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