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Dressing up for Sex

Whether we’re talking about sexy lingerie, hot costumes, or tight leather outfits, dressing up for sex has amazing erotic potential for keeping things spicy and interesting in the bedroom. There’s no doubt dressing up and maybe do a little role playing during sex will turn up the heat, enhance desire and create a whole level of intimacy, right? (wink*). There is nothing wrong with acting out fantasies we may have; as a matter of fact it allows us to imagine ourselves as other people and do things we may not feel comfortable doing as our “normal selves” in or ”everyday life”. Imagination can take us to unbelievable sexual heights, so what better way to do achieve this by dressing up a way to get that imagination going?

There is power in being someone different or someone you are not used to. Let’s say you’re normally the submissive type in the bedroom, someone who likes it when their lover pins you to the bed, tortures and teases you. Or maybe you’re always the dominant partner; you’re the one doing the pinning down, saying what you want and calling all the shots. After a while these roles can sort of become a routine; it may be hard for couples to break out of their pre-established roles. That is why dressing up for sex will provide some interesting opportunities (yes, plural, you’ll probably be hooked after the first time, wink*) to behave like someone completely different and do some things you probably wouldn’t normally do but have always secretly wanted to try. If we think about it, we’re not the same person day after day. Our moods change, so why not reflect that change in our sex lives as well? Dressing up can make us feel like another person, giving us a free license to act in all new ways. And what’s more important, that change in look reinforces the new roles for the evening so you would probably behave in a different way as you always do. And you know what’s the best part? If you like certain costumes and scenarios, you can reenact them as many times as you want. Or maybe you think happiness is in the variety and you will want to do something new every time? Take your pick, there’s no pressure, wink

Ladies, if you’re just getting started with dress-up, feel free to heat things up slowly. The most important thing is for you to feel comfortable, so pick out something that makes you feel sexy and naughty.  An erotically charged outfit like will introduce you to the way it feels for your lover to ogle you, charged with arousal. And if you’re feeling adventurous from the power you’ve discovered just by putting on a sexy little outfit, you’re definitely ready to kick things up a notch, or two, or three…

 This will open up a new world of opportunities for your sex life. Once you’ve got the outfit, it’s time to create a scene. At first you don’t have to get too crazy, it all depends on what you’re initially comfortable with. You can start by using that outfit to explore possibilities for role playing, see how you feel in your new clothes and create a character from there (how would they act, how would they speak, etc.) Maybe you’re a stripper working the pole (don’t forget the heels! And a wig! Wink*), but you’re new to the game, so you’re keeping it kind of safe and are somewhat shy. You partner comes in to the club and sees you and is intrigued—perfect time for a lap dance. You’re still kind of timid, so you giggle, but you take the money and stuff it into your bra and start your show. Remember, no touching! *Teehee* See how scenes like this are easy to create? And they can be as high or low intensity as you want. So, maybe next time you’re not so new at the club anymore. This time you’re more confident and experienced. The erotically charged lap dance goes a little further when your customer starts touching you when *tsk tsk they know that’s not allowed! You’ll have to take them into the back room and punish them (Maybe now’s the time to bring out the whip!)

And that’s just the beginning. Through dressing up, you can change your entire look, and like I said before, this will really reinforce your new roles to prevent succumbing to old patterns. So your lover has a naughty teacher-student fantasy? (Of course they do, *giggles) Playing the part in costume will turn a hot fantasy into reality. Think of a naughty school teacher  with your hair in a tight bun, tight skirt and some thick glasses to really get him (or her) going – and don’t forget the paddle! Or, maybe you are playing the student? Wear a saucy and sexy school girl outfit and act naïve and innocent (Teacher, I’m having trouble with the assignment, can you help me, please? *wink). In another scenario you maybe want to be a dominatrix, commanding loud and clear with a sleek catsuit and crop in hand for those necessary over the knee spankings.

It’s got to be something psychological, because it’s so easy to play the part when you’ve got the right costume. I’m telling you, this is what makes all the difference! Wearing an outfit, with wigs and accessories can have truly powerful effects. If you look like a dominatrix, how can you not be the dominatrix? Not to mention, the fun there is. Dressing up and creating scenarios to act out will let you be someone new which will open up all the right doors to fulfilling your wildest and sexiest fantasies… And your lover’s too! There are plenty of options for all kinds of fantasies, but if you are not sure where to begin, you can look through some of costumes for a little inspiration to new ideas, games and scenarios.

Ah, well, all this talk about dressing up has even put some new, sexy ideas into my own head, hasn’t it for you too? Off I go then, and happy dressing, wink*