Why You Should Try Erotic Blindfold Play


If you want to try something new in your sex life without doing anything too crazy, blindfolds are the perfect choice. And, dear reader, if you are a woman, it may be even better. The reason is simple; as you know, arousal affects men and women in a different way (you don’t say…wink*).Usually, at least according to science, men are more visually turned on. That will mean sight and visuals are extremely important to them; think about porn or how turned on a man gets when they see a woman in sexy lingerie. In turn, science says women are more turned on by feelings and sensations. How a caress feel, or a warm bubble bath, a massage…You get the point. So when a woman is deprived from sight, the other senses are enhanced, thus creating new experiences and making arousal more effective.

And I’m not saying wen will not enjoy having a blindfold on. Just imagine, a guy with a blindfold and the woman using just her body and touch to arouse him. Time to release the big guns, girl, wink*.

Another good reason to try blindfolds during sex, it’s that is more exciting, as you cannot see what’s going on. This excitement raises the levels of dopamine…and you should care about that because it makes the libido flow freely, making it a big win situation, wink*. And of course, not to mention any particular interests in blindfolds in particular; in that case, the stakes will be much higher. Blindfolded sex adds something extra, when you don’t know what’s coming (that’s what she said) your brain starts to expect the unknown.

And did I mention it could also makes you a bit…looser? A blindfold makes you less self conscious, trusting only your instincts. And when that happens, with instinct as your guide, things can get more primal and sensual. Try it and see.

As I mentioned above, no sight means enhanced senses. That is why I recommend giving a sensual massage to a blindfolded partner. This can be done with the help of some lotion or using other props, like a silk scarf or a flogger. And why stop there? Don’t forget about the other senses! Put on some sexy music that you know turns on your lover, light on some scented candles and give them something savory to taste (personally I love chocolate covered fruits, wink*).

Another good thing about blindfolds is how discreet and portable they are. If you want to get extra kinkier, why not trying out a quickie away from home? And since you are there, why not give blindfolds a chance? They don’t take up much space, so put them on your bag and enjoy the experience. Just don’t forget to also pack up some condoms and tissues, wink*.

And of course I’m encouraging you to get one, but if you are in an unexpected place and the need for a blindfold arises (hey! You never know, wink*) you can always improvise a little bit. For instance, does your man’s job require the use of formal attire? A tie always makes up for some great kinky blind sex. Or, why not using those sleep masks sold at convenience stores? You can always pick one up on your way, or chances are you already have one at your house. Now, don’t forget to shut the blinds while you are at it… quite literally, I must say wink*.


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