The Best Toys for Erotic Electric Orgasms


Electricity in sex is usually perceived as a way to inflict pain on your partner and while that can be true, it’s also true that electro toys can be modified, producing everything from very light stimulation to strong and painful impulses. It’s just a matter of choice and the toy you want to use.

For hardcore BDSM scenes more serious electric devices are used. These devices usually offer intense electric pulses that on some people (and depending on the setting) can feel borderline painful. The stronger devices are usually called TENS and they were created to pierce into the skin and its deep tissue; that is why they are great for genital orgasmic stimulation. The softer devices are called wands and if you are new to electro sex it’s a great way to start. And electro sex in general makes for a great companion to role play.

Wands usually have a base and are powered by a wall outlet. At the base there are typically some glass electrodes; when you put them on the skin sparks of electricity jump in. In spite of their name, violet wands are not made to be inserted inside the body. That means they are not typically used to bring orgasms. So, why should you use them? Well, because they feel great on the skin! Violet wands are used as stimulation and that is always a good thing, right? Wink*.You have to think about them as you would to feathers, wheels and other sensation toys and items. Think about how different it feels touching with light electricity erogenous zones like the back of the knees or the breasts, or even just in the arms can feel incredibly sexy.

The sensation feel like small lightening pulses. If they are on a low setting, they can feel almost ticklish and warm. If you increase the setting, it will start to feel like a sharp prickling. On the highest setting it will be painful, almost like a burning sensation. As every person is different, each person will feel wands a bit different. So in a sense you have to try it to see how it feels, wink*. One thing is for certain though, when the person applying the electricity touches the electrified person, they can feel those little sparks. And yes, those sensations can be felt anywhere from breasts, pelvic area, buttocks…You do have to be careful because they overheat, usually you can use them for about 10 to 15 minutes before this happens.

A very cool thing you can do is use a metal toy or object after having used the wand. Steel dildos, wartenberg wheels and anything made out of steel are great as conductors, but every instrument will provide different sensations. You should not use wands if you are pregnant, have medical implants or insulin pumps. People with heart conditions should also stay away. And remember, never insert them inside the vagina, eyes, mouth or anus. If you want to use electro toys for masturbation or direct genital stimulation, try TENS instead of wands. Orgasms have never felt more electrified.



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