Easy Steps to Train Your Man to Want You More



A Woman’s Guide to being the Bait and Catching the Fish

Men certainly are wonderful. But if you have lived with one long enough, you also know they can be quite a pain in a more kissable part of your body, if you know what I mean, giggles*. The good news is you can train them to revert from doing those things you are not happy about. And no, contrary to what you might believe, screaming is not the answer (screaming is only the answer to other activities, wink*) Talk to him and discuss the behavior, don’t nag him. If you do this and he continues with it, you will have to train him:

  • Be the bait: The goal here is to make him want it, work for it and last but not least, wait for it. So, in order to achieve the first thing you will have to be the bait, in order for you to catch the fish. And what does bait do? It calls to the fish attention; tempting him and making him want it. In order to do this, you’ll have to dress in something that drives him mad (so probably something very revealing, wink*), something that makes him crave you and desire you. Want ideas? Wear a sexy baby doll or maybe a tight skirt with no underwear… Or maybejust underwear? A little corset never did any harm (well, not too much at least, wink*). When he can’t resist, he will go for the bait. But then you take the bait out; don’t give it to him, remember: the point here is to wait.
  • The eyes on the price (or bait): Let’s recapitulate, the second step is for him to work for it. Let him know what you want; the goal is for him to become the man you want him to become. You do this in a sweet, calm tone, no scolding or making scenes. For example, inform him there will not be more staying out  late with his friends, or maybe that he has to start helping around in the house or _______(insert behavior you don’t like). Oh, and absolutely no more masturbating;he has to know he will save it all for you, including all of his sexual attention and desires. He will need to help with the house chores, cleaning the house, doing laundry, making the beds, doing the dishes and cooking for you (alternatively he can take you out, maybe that’s even better wink*).If you have a “to do list” of things around the house that need to taken care of, make sure he does them. Things like changing the guest bathroom bulb, painting the fence, replacing some loose roof tiles… you get the point. The way to do this is slowly, don’t overwhelm with everything at the same time. Mention he has to mown the lawn this weekend, and the next one tell him he has to fix that pipe leak and organize the garage. Little by little add more things, it’s really like training an animal (hehe) Oh! And mention he is really going to enjoy the prize.
  • Wait for the reward (bait): While he use occupied doing all the things you want him to do, don’t neglect the bait part of the training experience. Remember to keep up the sexy outfits and sexy bras and panties sets. Wear clothes that you know look incredibly sexy on you; maybe even throw on some heels here and there. Act in a sensual and confident matter, seduce him with every step you give, every gesture you make and every word you speak. Keep his eyes on the prize; let the reward be on his mind, even while he is busy doing something else.
  • Catch the fish: At this point, he has earned his reward. On the day you finally choose to give it to him, make it a special occasion. Make him cook and prepare a romantic dinner at home by candlelight or go out to dinner somewhere nice; if you have kids, hire a babysitter. And then, after a nice dinner and maybe some lovely wine, give in into desire. Make it special for him (and for you!) and make sure you are both completely enjoying it. And remind him why he is getting such a good experience; you can give him a blow job (what guy doesn’t love them?) and right before he comes, look right into his eyes and tell him he is getting it because he has been a very, very good boy lately. If he continues to be a very, very good boy, probably next week he will also get a reward. Remember, there’s definitely more where that came from…

Fishing on the regular: Once you are sure he is trained, you can start to reward him sexually a little more often, maybe a couple times a week. Just remember and make him know he will have to work and wait for it.


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