Advanced Cuckolding Guide for Experienced Lovers


Cuckolding fantasies are incredibly common but only a few get to actually go all the way. Most people just stick with the fantasy, but actual cuckolding play is less common. If you are at the advanced level (to put it that way wink*) and looking for fresh ideas or just don’t know where to start, you'll want to keep reading:

  • If you're into sissy play, you can make your partner dress up as a sissy maid, with the wig, outfit, shoes and everything else, and do all of the house chores while you are having sex with your Bull.
  • You can also make him dress as a sissy maid and tend to your Bull’s needs all night long. He can fetch him drinks, make sure he is properly fed, etc. He may or may not be allowed to watch as you have sex with your Bull.
  • If you or your partner are not into sissy play but you like the idea, make him to all of those things without dressing him up…Alternatively, you can put him in chastity in both scenarios, wink*.
  • And since we’re talking about service, also make your partner clean your Bull’s car…inside and out, the whole thing. And of course he will do this while your Bull has sex with you.
  • You can put your partner in chastity, tie him to a chair and let him watch as you have sex with your Bull. Before your Bull comes, have him pull out and cum over your partner’s chastity device.
  • You can have your partner ‘s face place very near your pussy while your Bull penetrates you. Tell your partner to masturbate to the sight and the icing on this cake is that your partner will lick you clean of your Bull’s cum. Just make him cum on your chest or pussy, where you prefer to be licked wink*.
  • An alternate version of the one above is to make your Bull pull out of you just before he orgasms and make him cum in your partner’s mouth or face.
  • You can also kiss your partner while your Bull is penetrating you. This usually works better doggy style, Be very vocal with your moaning and verbal when your Bull is coming…
  • Start by giving your Bull a blowjob with your partner right next to you. Alternate between the blowjob and kissing your partner and add some teasing, “this is what a real man’s cock tastes like” and such.If you want to take it further, in the middle of the blowjob, stop and force your partner continue with the task, wink*.
  • Another option is to make your partner give your Bull a blowjob so he is hard and ready to have sex with you. Tease him with “go and suck him. Make him nice and hard so he can fuck me…”
  • You can also make your Bull penetrate your partner while he has been in a cock cage for about a week. Tell him if he cums before your Bull does, he will have to stand the humiliation of getting penetrated after he has ejaculated. If he doesn’t ejaculate before your Bull, you will put the device back on…
  • If you want to intimidate your partner, take pictures/videos of your partner licking another men’s cocks and/or being penetrated by other men. Tell him if he disobeys you will show those pictures to friends, family and everyone he knows.


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