Key Tasks of a Dungeon Monitor


So, you’ve probably heard the term before: dungeon monitor. Your hear the term and you nod in agreement… oh yeah right of course, a dungeon monitor…But in reality you don’t have a clue about what it means. “Someone who monitors the dungeon? I guess…” Well, in theory, yes. But it entails a whole new set of things you probably don’t know. So come join me in this lovely reading; next time someone asks you if you want to monitor the next party, you can confidently know exactly what they are talking about wink*

A dungeon monitor, also referred sometimes as a DM, it's simply someone who is in charge of monitoring or supervising a scene, play space, play party, a dungeon, or simply a BDSM event. Anyone can be a dungeon monitor as long as they are willing to do it and fulfill the right safety requirements to do so. This means a dungeon monitor can categorize themselves in any role, either as a dominant or a submissiveand let’s not forget about our lovely switch self-identifiers. There isn’t a special sex required neither, so both men and women can be a DM.

The main job of a dungeon monitor it's basically to ensure the safety of everyone involved. A dungeon monitor needs to be constantly aware of the rules in the party or scene; their job is to monitor everything is going smoothly and as accorded beforehand.

Usually, especially in larger scenes or events, there are several dungeon monitors. They act as a group to ensure the safety and enjoyment of the event. You know how doctors work around in war zones? Well, dungeon monitors are kind of like that…Well, I mean, not exactly like that, but you get the idea. They are properly identified and don’t get involved in the scene unless they need to take action.

They only get involved when rules of the event are not being followed or when someone is not behaving appropriately. They should also intervene in case of any emergency because that is why they are there in the first place. If a dungeon monitor commands the immediate halt of play, everyone should follow right away, no questions asked. Just as well, dungeon monitors are also in charge of maintaining the right equipment needed for the scenes. Dungeon monitors are like BDSM law enforcements in bondage events…just don’t confuse them with regular law enforcement, you naughty thing wink*

That is why, in order to be a dungeon monitor, you have to have a large experience in the scene. You need to have both an extensive education about BDSM, as well as knowledge about the safety measures and precautions; first aid training is also needed in order to be a dungeon monitor as well. They should also carry a safety kit with them, with items like flashlights and scissors.

Needless to say, dungeon monitors also need to be completely familiarized with the rules of the event. Keep in mind they are the ones that know the whole scene guidelines, systems and procedures. Once they know how everything should go ideally, they can be able to closely monitor the scene.

Now, I know this whole thing can sound quite tedious, but it really isn’t, I promise. Dungeon monitors enjoy doing it and every one attending an event will benefit from having them around. Even if it sounds really formal, they are only there to ensure everyone has a good time. Their main concern is that everything should go according to the plan. So don’t be afraid of them and embrace the monitor.


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