Autumn's Bondage 101: Beginner's Guide to Erotic Blindfold Play


Blindfolds can add a little special spice to a bedroom session. They are great because they highlight the senses; imagine covering your eyes and having no idea what your partner is going to do next. What part will they touch? Where will they lick next? Oh, what’s that a little blow of air?The element of surprise can definitely add something extra to the experience, trust me wink*.

If you must know, by blindfolding someone and eliminating the sense of sight, you are actually increasing the others. Translation: everything will feel more intense. And on the other hand, psychologically speaking, you may find yourself more inhibited if you have your partner blindfolded; as they are not seeing you, you are more free to act a bit more loose and act on instinct only instead of second guessing yourself. So those are definitely things to consider when you are playing with some blindfolds, wink*. If you are not sure about how to incorporate them, here I come to the rescue:

As you wish: One thing you can try and works great (trust me, *giggles) is blindfolding your partner and ask them to tell you what is it they want you to do to them. Like I said above, blindfolding can lower inhibitions, so if they are a little shy and usually don’t ask for those things, they will certainly start talking now, wink*.

Anticipating is the key: When you get your partner blindfolded, start by teasing them with different things. You can kiss, blow, lick and touch. You can even experiment with different sensations, try running a flogger through their erogenous parts or some other toy, for instance. Or you can use a toy on them, maybe something like a vibrator? They key here is to keep them guessing, kiss them for a minute and stop, then you can lick a different part of their bodies for a few seconds. Afterwards you can run an ice cube in yet another sensitive area, and so on. It will be 10 times more exciting for them not being able to see what you are doing next.

Yummy: Although it may sound weird at first, use food! When your partner has the blindfold on, feed them some food. After all, taste is one of our more powerful senses, right? Try feeding them with something savory and with strong tastes, like some good old strawberries with chocolate, olives, oyster or maybe some cheeses and why not, even some wine? Use whatever you like (well, foods your partner likes, haha).

Yes, master: If you are not used to taking the dominant side during sex, you may find blindfolding your partner allows you to be more forward. This can be great if you are trying to shift roles or if you simply want to try a new dynamic.

Little show: Masturbating in front of your partner is definitely always fun. But how about trying to do it while they are blindfolded? They will know what’s happening but they won’t be able to see it. They will be able to hear what is going on, but they won’t be seeing it

Sex-it-up: You can always add sex toys to the experience. Use them while your partner is blindfolded, and, most importantly, don’t tell them what you will be using. It’s all part of the surprise. Just remember to start slowly so they don’t get overwhelmed!

A good rub: Who doesn’t love a massage? Lightly run your fingers through your partner’s body excite them with your touch. You can add a little massage oil to help along with the sensations. Remember to change between light circles and deep long strokes, to get the most out if it. If you want to take it to next step, you can use another prop like a feather tickler or a suction toy or maybe a vibrator? Wink*

Sensory overload: If you want to do something different, try getting some earplugs in combination with the blindfolds. The fact you have diminished two of their senses will feel completely different for them, in a good way of course. Just imagine this in combination with any of the things I mentioned above. Talking about pleasure overload, am I right?

Material elements: Experiment with the feeling of different materials, try leather or silk blindfolds and see which one you like the best.

Safety as a priority: Wearing a blindfold is not dangerous, per se, but there are some safety measures you should take. It goes without saying you will require a certain level of trust in your partner, but besides that, you should be careful of any signs of discomfort. For claustrophobic people it may be especially hard to get used to wearing one. If you are feeling stressed or you are not comfortable, don’t be afraid to voice it to your partner. You should also be careful not to tie it too hard, and tying it to the side instead of the back may diminish any discomfort you have while laying down.



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