The Definitive Guide to Give Women Hot Oral Sex


Sometimes it seems oral sex or cunnilingus from men to women is a matter of good intentions. The men I've spoken to seem confused as to what to do, or even if their girlfriend of wives like it. I am going to say to you what I say to them – then you are not doing it right. Good oral sex is just like anything. In order to be good at it, you have to practice.

Thankfully your love as already agreed to this, as I sent a bouquet of flowers to your hours and a bottle of champagne, the kids are at her moms and you have the night free.*

*Disclaimer: This is not true but I'm giving you a hint of what you can do to be a hero tonight!

1. Lips are soft and teeth are sexy. Please, please, please. Unless you are trying to give the feeling of sandpaper, you need to take care of your lips, take care of them before the action and make sure you do not have any wound (that is even for your own protection). If your lover enjoys the sensation of erotic pain during oral sex, teeth are a very important part of this move and you need to use them wisely. If you do not know the amount of pain your partner likes, keep it simple; also, try slowly giving tiny bites on her outer vaginal lips and then let go the skin quickly. See how she responds to this. Does she softly sigh, or arch her back? Then you may be on to something good.

2. A little lubrication does a lot. A woman's vagina is naturally moist when sexually aroused. A slight amount of lubrication such as a heated lubricant may greatly enhance her oral sex experience. A little bit can go a long way and the lubricant is best placed on the clitoris, however if she responds well to this you may also want to gently and erotically tease her by putting the lubricant on the side of her outer lips with your tongue.

3. Use some help. If you have a beard, use it. Rub it against delicate skin and then go back to your tongue. You can also put some ice on the clitoris for a short moment. Another sensation which leads to a tingling feeling on her vagina during oral sex is the use of menthol cough drops. Experiment and find out what she likes and what she doesn't like.

4. Sensitive Skin. Start with erotically softly kissing, gentle biting and erotically teasing your partner by paying special attention from the legs of your partner from the ankles up. Take your time but forget about delicacy, do it in a passionate, almost aggressive manner. Try to suck carefully with your lips while your tongue presses the skin. Then proceed with tiny bites, be cautious, you do not want to bleed the skin, just give the right amount of pain. If she is face down, you can take your time in the area behind the knees and the calves. Do not forget about pinching, do it with your fingers, not with your nails, just the way you would do it with nipples.

5. Pay attention. If you are using a ball gag, you need to listen carefully her breathing, is she hot? Closer to climax? Once you feel she is almost there, you must be careful to not slowing down, yes, your mouth and jaw might be tired, but if you have reached a high excitation level, you do not want to lose it. If her mouth is free, you also need to follow instructions, if given, and interpret her sighs sounds; forget about replying, your action will be enough answer.

With all this definitive guide you have now become a cunning linguist. *wink* I believe her orgasms in many different languages – will have you feeling like the king you are.


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