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Complete Guide to Role-Playing With Your Partner


If role-play has been on your mind for a while but you don't know how to approach that fantasy, here is a step-by-step guide to help you a little. I trust both you and your partner will be very happy after following these guidelines, wink*:

  • Planning is a must: First thing you have to know, role-play is something that takes time to plan, not a spur of the moment thing. If this is a surprise, take the day or evening off, if it's possible, you can even take the weekend off. If you are doing in together, start preparing a little days beforehand and if you have kids, arrange for them to stay somewhere else if you can. Send each other sexy pictures or texts al through the day, start your own on line relationship and don't talk about it at home.Some secrets are worth keeping, wink*
  • Possible scenarios: You can both discuss what fantasy you want to play out. Some of my personal ideas include: both are sexy strangers that have a wild night; it can begin with an "on-line affair" ending with a meeting at a particular  restaurant. Another one? A dominatrix is looking for a new slave. Or one of you calls a call girl or male escort because they are interested in their services. But remember, those are only my favorites, is entirely up to you to try out your personal fantasies, wink*.
  • Into the skin: Analyze you character. Remember the success of role-plays relies on both parties acting out their roles. And see this as an actor would approach a movie; what would your character be turned on by? Is she/he a dominant or a submissive? What does she/he look like? You will probably need to change your hair and wear some clothing that goes along with the character, have fun creating the persona and include wigs, props and shoes. If you are a guy hiring a high-class escort, dress in a suit like a CEO would; if you are a dominatrix, wear leather; If you are a stripper, wear something revealing, heels and a wig. Just remember how you act is equally important, so act and talk as your character would. In short, dress and look the part.
  • Set the boundaries: It's important for you to set the boundaries beforehand. First of all, you should not laugh or judge one other (but I didn't need to tell you that, right?) Talk about how far are you two willing to take it and discuss the limits of the scenario; make sure nobody tries things the other is not comfortable trying. Doing this assures the full enjoyment of the experience.
  • Don't be shy: It's normal to be a little nervous at first, but as you move forward and you start to get into it, those feelings should pass. Be confident and remember to enjoy yourself. If you are extremely shy, you can practice what you are going to say. At the end, there's nothing to fear, the worse thing it could happen is a night of sex and pleasure with someone you love, wink*
  • Relax: Take some time, even if it is a few minutes, to focus on you. Wax or shave, take a long bath or a hot shower, have a glass of wine or read a book; ladies, do your nails (even better if you paint them in a color you would never wear!), fix your hair (same here, try a new hairstyle!) and put on some make up that goes along with your character. Guys should groom themselves and shave, maybe wear some cologne. Just make sure to pamper yourself and enjoy how you look; it will make things easier.
  • Get ready: Both should get ready separately, this way it will be a surprise when you finally see each other and that will make it more exciting.
  • Prepare the event: If it's possible, book a hotel if the fantasy requires it. If it's not possible, thenset the right mood at home. If you two are strangers that meet for the first time, arrive separately and take a cab home (or the hotel) and make out on the way there; if you are having dinner, remember you are strangers, don't talk about the things you always talk about it. Explore yourself, take the time to "know" each other and seduce one other, nothing is certain and nothing is taken for granted. Do some dirty talk in public; whisper what you want to do to this "stranger" when you get to the hotel; tease and touch suggestively.

The possible outcomes: Keep in mind this is all about the experience and trying new things, so at the end of the night you'd have wanted to do something new. Maybe the stripper will give a lap dance to the client? Or the dominatrix tries bondage on his slave? Maybe the escort has to pleasure his lady with some sex toys? Nothing is written, so use your imagination.