How to Be the Slave Master Craves


Pleasing Master is such a big part of a sub role—every action, big or small, can help to contribute to the stimulation and eroticism of experience as a whole. From the way you glance up at Master with a certain look in your eyes to knowing when you need some guidance and being willing to ask for it, there are lots of key factors in being the best sub you can be. And you know what a happy Master means? A little slave that will no doubt be screaming in pure ecstasy! *g*


A submissive's duties to her Master, first and foremost, require a high level of responsibility. After all, if a slave doesn't take her job seriously, then that will be effect amount of passion and intensity felt. And what is a BDSM session if it isn't intense in the sexiest and most arousing ways? Well, I wouldn't know…*wink*Responsibility as a slave means knowing what Master wants and being eager to please him (or her!). Of course, knowing the in's and out's of your BDSM partner is a process which does not happen overnight. After some time, a slave that puts in the effort to truly understand the specific desires of Master will be the kind of slave that Dom/mes dream of. A great way get into the subtleties of desire is simply to pay close attention at all times. Know the ways Master likes to hear you scream, or sigh, or arch your body as the slapper hits your skin.

One of the first things I learned about my Master was the ways he wanted me to look at him during different activities. Maybe this isn't something a new slave wouldn't think of, but even the smallest things can make the BIGGEST difference! *wink* When we would play with a less strict toy like a whip, Master loved it when I locked my eyes with his as the suede slapped against me. But when using our heaviest steel bondage, the best way to please Master would be to avoid eye contact, which created the ultimate look of vulnerability. Every Master and slave relationship is different, so to be the slave of your Master's dreams, really pay attention to all the details and responses, noticing when something you've done gets Master wild with passion!

It's also a sub's job just as much as a Dom/mes to play safely. This means that as a slave, you have to always let Master know when it's too much. There's a difference between expanding your boundaries, feeling the amazing kind of pain that rushes hot through your body in waves of pleasure, and going too far with it and leaving the realm of enjoyment. The goal for both Master and slave is arousal and fun—Master would never want you to risk your safety, remember that! The best slaves can communicate at all times with their Master to make sure all play activities lead to pleasure.

Knowing when to take the initiative and when to ask for some direction is also a secret key to slave success (and when we measure success in orgasms, we're really looking to be at the top our game! *g*). If you haven't played a certain role-play for awhile, Master probably won't mind if you ask him to refresh your memory a bit—chances are, he'll be feeling quite the opposite when instead of possible fumbling, you're in sync with each other hitting all the right spots! Especially when introducing new things into BDSM sessions, if anything is unclear, like expectations or particulars of role-play or use of a toy, ask for some clarification right away so that during the heat of the moment, there are no unnecessary interruptions. After all, the clearer things are for a slave, the better that slave will be at giving their Master everything he desires!

So you want to be the slave Master craves? With a little attentiveness and an open-mind, full of questions and always willing to communicate (among other things! *g*), you'll hear Master knocking at your door every night!


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