How to do erotic CBT


Genital torture can come in a lot of ways, but I know sometimes we get stuck in the same route. It’s natural to settle into a sort of routine but occasionally we want something different or new. So if you are looking for fresh CBT ideas, look no further than this list:

  • If you want to get your partner uncomfortable, smear some toothpaste into their penis and balls. It will certainty give them a burning kick.
  • If you are looking something a bit more intense and hard, rub chili powder on their genitals. It will burn, burn and I repeat, burn immensely.
  • Get some ice cubs and run them down their shaft and testicles.
  • You can also grab some rope and tie the penis around in a knot. This will not only cause rope burns on a very sensitive area, but it will also stop circulation.
  • Easy scene: grab some household clothespins and attach them to the area. You can add as many as you like and as many as your partner can support. If you feel adventurous, cover the penis and balls with them so there’s no skin showing.
  • Melt some hard wax and let it drop down in their cock and balls. Watch them squirm as the wax hardens on their skin.

  • If you are willing to experiment with something extreme, use some electro CBT torture. Get a tens device and attach them to the balls and penis; start on the low setting and watch their reactions as you amp up the levels of intensity.
  • Don’t want to use equipment? Use your hands! Just slap the penis and the balls…hard. Do it several times for them to really feel the sting and the full effect.
  • Get a crop and stick it to the cock and balls. It will sting badly. Very, very, badly.
  • Make them get hard, masturbate and cum. Right away, make them hard again and cum. Repeat the process as many times as they can handle it. At first it will feel nice, but after a few times it will just be painful.
  • For a creative scene, grab some elastic bands and wrap them around the penis. The friction and the tension should be enough, but if you are particularly cruel, snap them. Devilish
  • Grab a couple of weights and attach them to their balls. Start with lightweights and build up from there till they can’t stand the stretching.


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