How to do Sexual Edging


Unlike what you may believe, edging is not just for men. Us lucky ladies can also reap the benefits of this practice! “But why would I want to try it? I can already have multiple orgasms!”Well, that is true, wink*. But there are plenty other reasons why you want to try it, the first being: more powerful and intense orgasms. And no one wants to walk away from that, right? As you know, not all orgasms feel and are the same, so I can assure you orgasms that come (ha!) from edging feel more powerful.  When you have a bit of time on your hands, you should definitely give a hand at edging: bring you close to orgasm, stop and then start again.

Now, it can be hard at first because you just want to finish yourself off, but I promise it’s worth it. You can do it on your own or you could also try it with a partner; that is extra fun because they can probably tell when you are close instead of you telling them. But trying out on your own is also amazing, I can tell. You can do this two ways: you can never actually reach orgasm, to make you incredibly sexually frustrated (I can see this useful if you have a partner or are a glutton for punishment) or just edge a few times and then allow yourself to orgasm. So, I’m about to give you some pointers for you to try it, although I’m sure most women have actually tried it without knowing at some point in their lives:

  • Go solo: Even if you have a partner, I would recommend trying it alone the first time to get used to it (especially if you haven’t done anything like it before). If you are alone you can focus on how actually close you are to coming without doing it so you know how it goes on future ventures. Just like a little fun experimentation.
  • Breath in, breath out: When you are practicing, it helps remember to breathe. You can try some yoga or meditation breathing; the key is slow and deep (that’s what she said, wink*).This will help you control your orgasm, concentrate on inhaling slowly and deep and then letting the breath out gradually. It will help you focus and keep you relaxed.
  • Know thyself: The fundamental to edging comes with the phrase slow and steady, so if you know that something makes you come rather quickly (like the Rabbit or the Hitachi), it’s better to safe it for another time.
  • Your BFF: Lubrication, of course! Everything is better with lube…The thing is, edging can take a while and trying it out without being properly lubricated down there it won’t feel good…it will feel the opposite of good. So keep a bottle of your favorite lube and forget about chaffing and unpleasantness.
  • Change! Every time you feel getting close, stop and do something else. I mean, if you are stimulating your clitoris and you feel close to coming, stop it and move to your nipples, for instance. This will make your body back down and re build the wave, basically the whole point of edging. It may be cruel and hard the few first times, but I promise your orgasm will be worth it. Remember to be in touch with your body so you can know when you are close and can stop on time… and if it fails, well, you can always start all over again, wink*.


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