How to Ignite Her Sexual Fire in the Bedroom



Every woman that I have ever known has a secret fantasy of being taken. Why do you think romance novels are so prominent? Bare chested men forcing their sexual desires upon a willing and wanton woman are on every single cover. And there is a reason why!

We just want you, not to be so, well…you sometimes… By this I mean, take a shower, comb your hair, put on those pair of jeans that make your ass look really great. And then….the whipped cream on the sundae – walk around shirtless. Really…..I’m being 100% serious here. Woman love to see you. Why do you think we love summer so much? Yes, we love shorts and flip flops but seeing a bevy of men shirtless is one of the closest things to an OMFG moment for us that we willing talking about.

Want to really seduce her, as in go nuts, break stuff and have aftershocks for 3 days? Fix something while shirtless. We can not resist the power and allure of a shirtless man being all manly. It’s our kryptonite. It’s what we love about you. You can fix things that we can’t. You can not wear a shirt and it just looks casual. And manly. Did I mention that we really like that?

Want to hear another little dirty little secret about woman? WOMAN LOVE SEX! A LOT! Yes, I’m being 100% serious here. I know sometimes it doesn’t seem like it. The kids, the house, work, traffic, the lines at the grocery store all get to us too, but it’s more personal for us. You can shake it off easier but for us, we tend to take it more personal.

What we need from you is to make us forget about it. Make us something for dinner we love, or even better take us out to dinner. Spoil us with your attention and be sure to tell us that our tits look great in that shirt. And say that EXACTLY. Hearing that your tits look great in a shirt, is the same thing to us as you hearing, “Oh, my…it’s HUGE”.

Case in point, rumor has it that Barbara Streisand is notoriously hard to work with. The ultimate Diva of Divas. When Dustin Hoffman and Barbara Streisand did a movie together, it wasn’t clicking. Until he said the magic words, and she was putty in his hand. And once again, those exact magic words are, “Your tits looks great in that shirt.”

 Now don’t use this as an opening line when meeting someone, but if you are married or in a long term relationship, this line will get you out of more trouble (or in more trouble) than Tom Sawyer.

For most woman sex is tied emotions. She wants to know that you care about her and that she matters. If you are just starting out a relationship, the worst thing you can do is mention other woman. For that matter, even if you are married, it’s still a bad idea. She does not want to hear about your cute new secretary at the office. She wants to feel like she is the sexiest and most desirable woman you have ever met.

You can make her feel important to you just by doing little things. A bouquet of flowers is a great way to make her feel special. Take a moment out and actually write on the card that they have the flower stand, a naughty little note to her. Don’t be overly graphic, but something like, “You are the sexiest girl in the world”, will definitely always be well received. What girl wouldn’t want that? Help fulfill her emotional needs and she will be more open to fulfilling your sexual needs. We both want sex, we just have a different need for it. She will be more open and inviting to tawdry and lustful encounters when she is feeling loved and appreciated for who she is.

And remember, a little bit of cute dirty talk goes a long way. Keep it cute and playful. Use words that she would like that would make her  feel like the ultimate pinup girl of your dreams. Let her know that you desire her and see her as a whole person and what you love about her. When she is feeling good about herself and your desire for her, it can only mean VERY GOOD things for you.

In short, her need of wanting to be wanted is just the same as yours. Be vocal but don’t be overly crude just playfully so. Let her know you want her and how great her legs look in that skirt, and how much it bothered you when that guy at the next table kept staring at them. It will play into her, “yeah, that’s right, I’m the sexiest bitch in this place” fantasy. Even if it didn’t happen, a little playfulness among sex partners is a good thing. Bring it baby, and you had best bet she will to.

A playfull little slap on the ass is always a good way to go too. Not a hard one, but a fun and tawdry one. Let her know that you are the man, and you want her. ONLY HER. Mainly because her tits look great in that shirt, but I think you can come up with a few other thousand other ideas on your own.


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