Your Ultimate Guide to Happy Nipple Clamping


Acquiring a pair nipple clamps is the first step, but once you have made it, the second step is to use them. And after you have learned how to do that, you will use them and run a marathon, *he he wink*.

Ok, so the first thing before doing something is preparing yourself, right? And this is not an exception. You will need to arouse the nipple in order to do so… You see where I’m going with this, aw? Sucking, licking them, kissing them or rubbing (whatever you prefer! Wink*) is the way to go. When they are hard and ready (where have I heard that before? wink*) get ready to play. Gently and slowly put the clamp in place; if the person attached to said clamps complains, you have probably put to much pressure on it. If they are moaning, you are on the right track. Once again, go slowly to gauge the reactions; besides, communication will be key (here and always, wink*)

Once the pressure applied is a comfortable one, you can tease the person. Kiss other parts of the body, touch erogenous zones, maybe even use a toy on her? The thing is, the clamps will feel like fingers touching the nipples, so given that your actual hands are actually free, they can roam and explore other parts of the body as they like, wink*.You can then add more pressure to the clamps, always keeping in mind the golden rule: as long as it’s comfortable it will be fine. And always increase the pressure really slowly, take your time, there’s no hurry. If the pressure is too much, simply release some of it and that’s it. It can take some time to get used to it, because it can be really intense; just imagine someone biting orpinching your nipples… so yeah.

After the pressure is right and your partner is incredibly turned on, you may be wondering, what’s next? Well, here is the part where you will do whatever you like (I mean, your partner likes, right? Wink*) If the nipple clamps are attached to a chain, you can pull on them to increase the sensations. They will also move the boobs around, so those will definitely be some nice visuals.

On the other hand, they can also be left in place during intercourse. If you guys are in a missionary position, the woman can pull the chains between her teeth and with each thrust the sensations will be amplified. Or maybe the man can also pull on the chains as well if the couple prefers… Or they could take turns, wink*?

If what you like is doing it doggy style, the clamps will feel very different… Imagine how the weight of the clamps will feel after each thrust. If you want to try something different, do this: make your partner lay their upper half body on the bed. The clamps will press up tighter, besides holding the nipples uptight. Just make sure to do a run test first, because women with very sensitive nipples can feel a lot of pain from this.

Now, I should also tell you women with larger nipples can have some hard time finding clamps that work. The tweezer style is a good fit for this because they can be opened more than some other models. Another problem some people can find is their nipples don’t stay hard longer or people with inverted nipples. The trick here would be to pull the nipple away from the body and put the clamp just behind it, or clamp the nipple sideway. Just find the technique that works best for you, and the rest will be fun.

Some people believe it’s the initial clamping that hurts, but actually the biggest pain can be when you remove them. If you do it wrong it can be extremely painful, that’s why you want to inform yourself on how to do it right. When the clamps are applied, some circulation is cut off; this means when you remove them, circulation comes back. And that process is the one that can hurt...And that is without taking into account the fact that nipples are usually more sensitive after an orgasm (or orgasms, plural wink*)

So, how to do it right? Well, before slowly taking the clamp off, the person must exhale very slowly. Once you have taken the clamp off, sucking and licking the tender nipple can help bring some relieve (what an awful medicine…wink*)It’s extremely common for the nipples to be really sensitive for a while after playing with clamps. This sensitivity can last for either a few hours to a day, by the way.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, I have to make some words of precaution before you jump into play. First, remember clamps cut off circulation and as anything that does that, you should be careful. You should not leave them for longer than 10 minutes; some women can take up longer but as a general rule 10 minutes should be enough, especially at first. What happens once you have build up to it, it’s your nipples start to feel numb if they are not being pulled by a chain, but be careful. If the nipples start to swell or change color, take them off.

Now that you know all the basics, go out there and experiment. Take some time to get used to it and find what works for you and your partner. Happy clamping!


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