How to Be A Good Dungeon Monitor


The role of a dungeon monitor is quite simple: making sure everyone is having a good time while maintaining the party/house rules. But just because is simple doesn’t mean everyone can do it. There are a series of guidelines a dungeon monitor must follow; these guidelines are related with both safety measures, such as carrying a pair of scissors and knowing CPR, besides knowing how to behave in that play/party environment.

A good dungeon monitor must always be focused; making sure you’re not easily distracted is a huge part of this job. A dungeon monitor can’t participate around in play like a normal member of the party because they need to be aware of what’s happening all around.

Generally, the party will be much bigger than what you expect. This means you probably won’t be able to watch over everything at the same time. That is why you will need to constantly move around the area; this way you can continually check everything and everyone.

If you haven’t been in a particular area of the party for the last 15 minutes, you need to go, take a look and check it out. That is generally the rule all dungeon monitors abide by, so take that in mind. You should be especially aware to look out for any BDSM related accidents or any signs of intoxication in the participants.

When you are on the dungeon monitor role you should be very aware of not showing any particular interest in your friends or people you know. The rules apply for absolutely everyone and you should treat every participant in the same way, so any type of favoritism should be completely disregarded.

If you show any kind of special interest or bend the rules a bit for anyone in particular and another guest finds out, there can be serious consequences. They won’t only feel bad or “inferior”, but your credibility will also be affected. And the other way around applies as well: don’t treat anyone different just because you don’t like them in “real life”. Keep in mind the idea is for everyone to have a good time, so keep up the positive environment and equality among everyone.

At some point in the activity, chances are you encounter someone bending the rules. And it will be your job to intervene. The first step to follow is to stand back and see if the behavior continues for a couple of moments; if the person continues to do it, you should step forward. When this occurs, make sure the person knows the exact rules they should be following. Let them know they should stick with the rules since they accepted them the moment they agreed to participate in the activity.

On the other hand, if you see someone making a mistake you should correct them right away. Stepping right away and pointing out the mistake early on can make the world of a difference in a scene or in a party. Remember your main job as a dungeon monitor is to make sure the rules are being followed and you should do so; no one gains anything if a DM sees something wrong and ignores it. Kind of like real life and law enforcement officers…

Being a good dungeon monitor can take some practice, but as long as you follow the principles about learning safety training, as well as having the right equipment, you should be fine. Remember to be professional and act at the level of this occupation: super high, that is wink*


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