Leatherette FAQs: Best Reasons to Choose Leatherette Bondage Gear



Leatherette FAQs

What is leatherette?

Leatherette is a man made material made to feel and look like leather. Also, known as Pleather, it's a mix of different fabrics known for being easy on the pocketbook and has general look which is similar to leather, without the leather cost.

What are the benefits of Leatherette?

Really, they are too many to count! Let's go over some of the reasons to choose leatherette for your bondage gear.

1) It packs light and easy. You can take your whole toybox as your carry-on when traveling without worrying about extra baggage fees. Because leatherette is made to be lighter and more compact than leather, it folds up better for quick and easy travel storage. Great for going back and forth, while visiting your lover on vacation or even better for those "business" vacations with mommy and daddy time scheduled.

2) Are you just getting into bondage and not quite sure what you like? I always recommend starting out with a lower cost alternative of leatherette, before investing in leather bondage gear. The benefits are that it gives you "play-ability" while experimenting and finding out what really works for you. Leatherette bondage gear is fantastic when it comes to gags. If your partner is just starting out with wearing gags, it absolutely gives you the most *bang* for your buck when it comes to experimenting with what is right for them. It also allows for gag training by easily and cost effectively trying a variety of different gags. Fun to experiment with and very easy on the pocketbook.

3) Perfect Vegan Alternative to Leather Bondage Gear! Are you a vegan or a vegetarian? Are you concerned about making sure you lead a "cruelty free lifestyle"? Then, leatherette bondage gear is for you! I've been a vegetarian for years and the reason we originally added on leatherette bondage gear was for the Vegan alternatives for bondage. I'm still a fan of leather, but I do appreciate that leatherette bondage gear really is 100% cruelty free. No Normans were harmed in the making of this incredible bondage gear. (sorry, I had to put in a City Slickers reference)

4) The savings are amazing! You can generally get at least twice as much bondage play bang for your buck with leatherette bondage gear. I know of one couple (you know who you are!), who travel twice a year to the States from England. They generally order leatherette items, because they play with them here and then leave them in the hotel room, so t hey don't have to worry about customs. They consider it their own little "sex-cation". For them the thrill of something new, coupled with the cost savings is a win-win situation.

5) You can play all night long in leatherette and be comfortable without worrying about the chafing or discomfort. Leatherette is generally very soft and easily and gently conforms to the body. While it's not meant for heavy bondage play, it's pretty comfortable. I've slept numerous nights in my leatherette bondage cuffs and woke up feeling refreshed, if not a bit randy from it….

How do I clean leatherette bondage gear?

Got a damp wash cloth and antibacterial soap? It's just that easy. Moisten your washcloth with a bit of water and soap and gently rub it over your leatherette bondage gear or leatherette gag. You can also use a toy cleaner, which will work fantastically as well for keeping all your leatherette bondage gear in tip top shape.

Does it really look like leather?

While it does have a leatherette look, leatherette does not look exactly like leather. We have some styles which are pretty close, but it is a man made material. It will not be able to handle a rough playing session, such as our heavier bondage gear – such as steel or the leather bondage gear, but it also is not going to be in the same price range. Overall, it's an excellent *bang* for your buck. And afterall, the one who dies with the most toys wins, and with leatherette bondage gear, you will definitely win with a big smile on your face.

Leatherette Bondage Gear is available in all these styles!

Above the Belt Bondage, Armbinders & Leg Binders, Soft / Beginner Bondage, Blindfolds, Body Harnesses, Breast Bondage, Collars, Gags, Hoods, Thigh Cuffs, Wrist and Ankle Cuffs.


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