Master Resources: Creative Ways to Make Your Sub Feel Owned


When you are a master, one of your principal tasks should be constantly reassuring your slave. This translates to making them feel loved, and this in turn means making them happy…and that can be summarized in making them feel like submissives or making them feel that sensation of being surrendered and owned.

These reminders don’t necessarily refer to big acts, they generally mean something more regular; normal activities you can follow on your daily life to make them happy. And you know what they say, a happy sub is a happy master wink*

So for you to really make them happy, here are some activities and ideas you can practice and incorporate to make them feel a bit more owned…because is never enough, right?

  • A great way to make them feel special is to take your time selecting a beautiful collar for them. Keep in mind the collar represents the bond between you two, similar to an engagement ring, so make sure to really pick something that represents them or something they will really love.
  • Make them take off their shoes the minute they get home. You can also make them kneel at the door until you come and acknowledge them.
  • You can do this next activity every day or choose random days to do so: pick the exact clothes they will wear. This includes underwear, socks and shoes as well. And you can also command them to wear a particular hairstyle or make them style their hair in a specific way.
  • If you want to take it a step further and if it is within your boundaries and limits, you can do something on the extreme side. This includes choosing something for them to tattoo on their bodies, location chosen by you as well. If you want something a bit less permanent but on the extreme side too, you can make them get a piercing…you will also get to choose the location as well, wink*.
  • In the spur of the moment, you can put her/him on a leash and make them follow you around the house for all your activities. Remember to never explain what you are doing; you shouldn’t talk to them or include them in your activities.
  • If him/her has to go out alone, make them wear a butt plug underneath their clothes. If they have to go out alone often, just randomly choose certain moments for them to wear it. It will keep them guessing…
  • Stop noticing their transgressions for a while…or at least make them believeyou are letting them pass. In reality, write them down on a pad or notebook. When you feel like it and some time has passed, take out the book and present it to them. They will need to start making up for lost time, right?
  • A cool assignment can be to make them take pictures of himself/herself in different positions and outfits for your enjoyment only.
  • Make them sit still while you are pleasuring them. You can do this manually, orally, with a vibrator… you choose. The catch? Remember those first words? They will need to be completely still. If they move at all, stop what you are doing and punish them as you like, with spanks for instance. Then, resume the pleasuring part of the activity.
  • Record your sessions or take pictures of you two and make them watch it afterwards. And they will need to watch it stoically…if they show any reaction at all, any signs of squirming for example, you will need to punish them…


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