Male Orgasm Calendar in Simple Terms


Have you ever wondered what happens after a male achieves orgasm (besides the obvious, of course, wink*)? If you haven't, it's actually really interesting (seriously!) Besides of knowing for uhm, pure research purposes, it's a good idea to be aware of what happens in the men's organism. This can be beneficial if you want your man to start chastity training or if you simply want to be aware of your man's reactions after an orgasm. If that new knowledge makes you use certain things to your advantage, well, that's another thing (but don't tell anyone I told you this, wink*)

Before starting, you should know that usually men are pretty predictable (as if you needed confirmation of this)so this cycle is standard for all and will begin again and again till the end of time basically. Having said that, I do have to mention some factors like age, emotional and psychological factors can modify a little these timelines, a little bit like a woman's menstrual cycle (each woman is different! And each man too!).If the man achieves orgasm before all of these phases are completed, the circle starts all over again (it does not enter the following phases):

Let's rest - Recovering (0-2 days after orgasm): This phase starts right away after orgasm and the man's response to stimuli is very small. Translation: it takes a lot of encouragement to provoke the desire for an orgasm again. So, how to start the teasing and wanting again so soon? Well, you must avoid physical stimuli (yes, you heard read that one right) and focus on turning him on mentally. Let's remember everything starts in the brain, including sexual reactions, so you'll want to describe scenes, activities, what you are wearing, what you want to do, etc. you get the point. You can start describing things and the taunting him visuals about the things that he likes; if he loves your legs, why not start about how you would love to wrap them around him during sex and then putting on some stockings and heels? Or showing the cleavage you know he just loves so much in a little bra and corset? (Ok, I might be giving away my techniques here, *giggles) Anything goes to redirect his attention back to what's important here: sex (yay!) After sufficient persuasion, the man will no doubt respond to it. Oh! And remember only when he is erect again, you will start on the physical tease wink*

Grab with when you can - Opportunity (1-3 days after orgasm): Here, the man will not be actively seeking satisfaction but that does not mean he will pass on if the opportunity presents itself (giggles*) Once more, the phrase "everything begins with the sight" is appropriate, so visual stimuli is recommended. Random, but constant peeks of these visuals will do the trick. Afterwards, a little physical teasing never hurt anybody into advancing to the point where denial is a must.

Into the prowl (2-5 days after orgasm): Here, the man is seeking satisfaction. A man who is not trained will be actively seeking for sexual partners. Given the fact that not all the time this is possible, the man will probably indulge in a little self-love. Because of this, most men do not complete the cycle on their regular lives; only men who are trained are able to get to next phases. By the way, if you are chastity training your man, this is usually where most of them cheat (not surprising) but not everything is bad: at this point it takes very little effort on your part to tease and deny a male on the prowl. Usually by saying the release it's around the corner, will make the man endure a little more, forgoing instant gratification for a more satisfying release.

More Frenzy (4-7 days after orgasm): Have you ever given up sweets and then starting craving them so bad it was the only thing on your mind? (what?, only me?)At this point your presence will probably trigger some interesting responses on you man and you will have to be very careful with physical stimulation; even a little touch can trigger the release. Here male chastity devices come very handy (giggles*) because they provide that extra restraint in case the man wants to cheat (unless he is extremely and mentally prepared/trained)

No more Ache (7+ days after orgasm): If the man is kept without release, he will pass into this phase. Here the desire for release is constant and always present in the mind of the man. Denial is like in the anterior phase, but the risk of masturbation is reduced. You can force him back to the Frenzy by teasing; a 5 minute tease can end up in a two-hour frenzy. Longer or very frequent teases, result in one day or more frenzies.

Want to induce the Frenzy? You can take off the chastity device for a period of time (but you will not say how long), it could be anything from 5 minutes to a day. In this time the man will be allowed to self stimulate (or you can do some touching!) but he will not orgasm. Since he does not know how long will this last, he will obviously try to make the most of the time he has. When you put the device back on, the frustration will put him back on the Frenzy and the never-ending circle begins again…


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