Meet Al


Please tell us a little bit about yourself – How would you describe your everyday vanilla life?

Pretty vanilla.  I work for a tech company and currently live with just my dog.

When did you first realize you were into bondage?

Probably when I was about 15, or so.

How you best describe yourself and why?  Your choices are: Dominant, Submissive, Switch or Fuzzy Rainbow Unicorn. 

Submissive.  Not being in control excites me--because it scares me.

Do you feel that your desire for bondage is more physical or emotional?  (please elaborate)

For me, it’s physical. Restraint and sensory deprivation excite me. And that I've mostly performed self-bondage so there wasn't really an emotional component.

Were lovers accepting of your interest in bondage?

The one I felt comfortable telling (we were married) was accepting only to a certain degree. 

Please briefly describe your first bondage experience.

Around age 15, I covered my face with layers of my mother's scarves until I could just barely see the mirror.

What was your best bondage experience?

I was bound, blindfolded and gagged on the bed.  My then wife was reading a book and fell asleep.  I had to actually struggle to get her to wake up, and that was quite exciting. 

What is the most creative safeword you have ever used?

I really haven't had to use one yet, but I like "chili cheese fries"

What do you feel is most important about the experience of bondage?

Informed consent.  Everybody involved should be on the same page.  (I feel this way about most things, however)

What is the best advice you would give to someone just starting out with BDSM?

Don't let anybody try to convince you that you aren't "normal".   


What is your favorite gear, toy or lingerie item from and why?

My current favorite is the Clearly Stuffed 2” Large Ball Gag Trainer.  I like large ball gags because I have a big mouth, I like headgear, and I like gear that I can wear in the tub, so this ticks all 3 boxes.

What is the one sensual fantasy you haven’t lived out yet that you are excited to try?

Being in a vacbed or something similarly restrictive.

What’s your favorite knock-knock joke?

Knock Knock!
Who's there?
Sam and Janet!
Sam and janet, who?
<sings> Sam and Janet evening, you may meet a stranger! 

What is Eskimo ice?

I found "Eskimo Ice is the largest manufacturer of the highest quality crystal clear ice cubes, crushed ice and block ice in central London..." on Google, but I'll bet that's not what you were going for. :-)


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