Meet Draven’s Pet


Please tell us a little bit about yourself – How would you describe your everyday vanilla life?

 I am currently a stay at home mother with a 3-year old son. He is autistic and has a lot of medical issues that keep me busy. My everyday vanilla life consists of taking my son to doctor’s appointments, having services for his autism, and doing chores while Master is working. At the end of the day, our lifestyle is the only outlet we have together. Eventually when everything settles down, I hope to go back to being a pet all the time for my Master.

When did you first realize you were into bondage?

To be honest, I always had fantasies of being tied up since I was a little girl. I had quite the imagination back then. I didn’t explore my fantasies until I was much older and decided to take the plunge into the lifestyle. 

How you best describe yourself and why?  Your choices are: Dominant, Submissive, Switch or Fuzzy Rainbow Unicorn. 

I’m a submissive because I love to follow orders and please my Master. I need guidance and structure in my life to feel safe and loved. 

Do you feel that your desire for bondage is more physical or emotional?  (please elaborate)

I think my desire for bondage is both physical and emotional. I’m a bit of a painslut so I love being tied up and in some hard positions. It can be very hard on the body, but I love the feeling of the rope rubbing against my skin. Emotionally, I feel free. The best feeling to me is getting into what some people call “subspace” which is when the submissive puts his/her trust into his/her Dominant and totally immerses into an intense scene.It is truly amazing!

Were lovers accepting of your interest in bondage?

Some were, some weren’t. 

Please briefly describe your first bondage experience.

My first experience involved a lot of bad decisions that ended in a life lesson. I decided to meet a “Dom” off the Internet. He tied me up and I didn’t feel comfortable with him. After a while, I used my safe wordand he ignored me. Everything that was done that day didn’t feel right to me, so the moment I was freed from my bondage, I left with a lot of anxiety and trust issues afterward. 

But I share this experience with those who are exploring the lifestyle. You have to do your research and have the ability to pick out the fake Dominants from the real ones. It really is a rewarding lifestyle with the right person!

What was your best bondage experience?

My experiences with my Master are the best I’ve ever had.  I trust Him completely and love pushing my limits and exploring new things. 

What is the most creative safeword you have ever used?

Donkey kong

What do you feel is most important about the experience of bondage?

Safe, sane, and consensual. Find someone who has experience and is willing to teach you the ways of the lifestyle. It takes a lot of patience and dedication, but it is worth it! In my own personal experience, I do not know what life would really be like if I didn’t take the plunge into the lifestyle. I became the person I was meant to be and couldn’t be happier! I’m always willing to share my stories and talk to those who are curious about it. 

What is the best advice you would give to someone just starting out with BDSM?

Do your research. Ask questions. Know what you are getting into and set some limits…Although it doesn’t hurt to push your limits from time to time and explore new things *wink*. 

What is your favorite gear, toy or lingerie item from and why?

Master and I do a lot of shopping at so it is hard to pick just one favorite. Our top 3 would be the Completely Fucked Armbinder Straightjacket Set, Sensory Deprivation Locking Hood, and a variety of toys *grins*

What is the one sensual fantasy you haven’t lived out yet that you are excited to try?

Suspension. I’ve never tried it yet and would love to explore it sometime. 

 What’s your favorite knock-knock joke?

Knock Knock.

Who’s there?


Owls who?

Yes they do!


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