Enjoy a Mouthful About Bondage Gags


In gags you will find the spice of life, right? Wink*. Everyone has a favorite…although, why choose? You can have all you want… On one hand, ball gags continue to be the most popular ones. They come in different sizes to choose from, so that makes them perfect for beginners and advanced players. On the other, there are several variations that you can also choose from, such as the ones that have fun attachments like dildos and the ones with multiple breathing holes. But there are several other types of gags you can have plenty of fun with.

O-ring gags or spider gags are a strap of fabric with a metal circle attached to it. Like a gag, you put it behind the teeth to keep the mouth open. One of the perks about this type of gag is the added plus of oral sex…if you can fit into one. Yes, a man can insert the penis (as long as it isn’t too big wink*)inside the gag and the partner can give him oral sex while having the mouth wide open with a gag. Oh! And they can make you salivate a lot.

The bad part is the lack of options this gag offers because it’s just a metal ring with a strap, so it can be less fun than other gags. And they can also be hard to find, maybe because they aren’t that popular (who knows?).Another thing you should keep in mind is they aren’t for beginners because the ring can hurt the mouth/jaw a lot, especially if you’re not used to gags. You should also be careful to fully inspect it before you wear one, looking for any loose rings, and be very careful when you are putting it on because you know, metal is a hard material and can chip a tooth or worse.

One gag that is a bit more popular than the one above is the bit gag. Tough originally intended for pony play, it has transcended to being used on its own. It’s similar to a ball gag, just that instead of a ball there is a piece of a material like rubber. They usually have O-rings attached so you can use reins (perfect if you like pony play!) and they are very easy on the jaw and mouth. That makes it a perfect choice for beginners or for those with jaw problems or very sensitive jaw muscles because you don’t have to open your mouth completely. Another plus is they don’t restrict the breathing that much, as say a ball gag would and they also make you drool less.

Now, for those waiting to hear read the downside, here it goes: they can put great pressure on the cheeks and they don’t have that much variety or possible attachments, so they can be viewed as less fun. Other thing is some people don’t find them as visibly appealing and sexy as other gags, so there is that.

Another thing to keep in mind about them is you need to be careful with the material. As you are going to be biting into it, you want something non-toxic that doesn’t smell. Usually silicone is very popular, although they tend to have amounts of rubber (bad, unless you like the smell) or leather. Basically you need to really check the characteristics of the gag to see what you will be getting.

Other gag varieties? The Jennings Mouth Gag (great for medical play!) and headpieces that contain a ball gag. The headpieces are definitely for advanced players because they offer a very immersive experience that can be too intense for beginners. So take your pick…or choose all of them, wink*.


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