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New Beginnings


Just getting into bondage? Congratulations! It’s a fantastic adventure! One that I hope never ends! *g* Here are a few tips on how to make your new journey a little more fun!

  1. Relax! Relax! Relax! Sex is fun – damn it! (crack of the whip) *g*
  2. Don’t be afraid to let yourself feel. Let it all go. Blindfold yourself and experience the rush of the heightened sensations.
  3. Push your limits and boundaries, but only in ways that excite you and your partner. But before you do…
  4. Discuss everything! A great way to do this is to ask "what did you like best?" after trying bondage out. It will give a good feel from where your partner is coming (or "cumming" *g*) from and how comfortable they are with it. If you have a hard time with that, try writing an erotic story or exchanging e-mails with your lover. It’s a little easier when you can collect your thoughts without having to tell them to their face! *giggles*
  5. Get a book or a video – they can give you all sorts of great ideas!
  6. Reinforce the love! Always after removing my cuffs, Master kisses my wrists. The gentleness of it after such brutal sex (we get rough – thank goodness!) just melts my heart and reminds me of his love and respect for me.
  7. Pick out a "codeword" (mine is “red”) that you and your partner both know means "stop". (Since shouting "no" is half the fun!) “Yellow” is a good word for slowing down - stopping what is being done without stopping what you are doing. 
  8. Try to keep the mood lighthearted. Trying something new is intimidating enough. Laugh about it and feel the joy of the shared experience bringing you closer together.

Have some more ideas that I didn’t cover? Need some help on how to bring up the subject to your partner? Let me know! Just drop me a note chastising me (you know I love it *g*) at