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Proper Jelqing Technique - Getting Results the Right Way


Jelqing is a good method to enlarge your penis, if you’re so inclined. This is also a great exercise to have a stronger penis, which I’m sure is something every man can benefit from and wouldn’t mind much, I’m guessing wink*. It’s a very easy and natural method that basically every man can practice so there is no reason to not try it. As long as you stick to a routine and do them regularly, you will see results.

However, and before we get into anything, let me remind you to never over train. The penis is a muscle and you can out do yourself, just like with any muscle in your body. This means you should be careful to go slow with your regime because a very vigorous session or over exercising those muscles can create injuries in that particular and sensitive area of your body

As happens with any training or exercise method, consistency is key. Just as well, you will also need to do the exercises properly. Jelqing refers to a method; just like squats, there are plenty of ways to them. It usually depends on the specific part of the penis you are looking to stretch; but experts suggest varying the stretches in order to stretch the penises ligaments in all directions. So let’s review the most effective ways to jelq and the changes you can do to so effectively:

  • You can start by jelqing 3 seconds per stroke. When you have been doing this a while, you can begin to stroke a bit more, this time about 5 to 10 seconds. This change will create a stronger jelq.
  • Another way to keep your body guessing and have better results is to do your jelqs a bit quicker. A good method is to aim for 1 or 2 seconds per stroke. This is a good way to confuse your body, which does not sound like a good thing, but it is! With exercises, for your body to expect the unexpected will actually bring better results. It works the same whether you’re working your biceps or you penis.
  • In order to practice jelqing the right way you will need to do it on the entire length of your penis. This means you should be careful about your grip, however you don’t always have to keep the OK grip is usually used when jelqing. For instance, if you normally use the OK grip with your palm facing up, you can change and do so with your palm down. You can also alternate the grip to the right and left during your jelq session.