Safety Measures to Keep Gag Play Fun


Gags are of the most popular forms of BDSM play and while fun, they can also be very dangerous if you don’t take the necessary measures. Although gags are probably the most used, these safety precautions work for any of them.

The first safety precaution is making sure the gag you are using fits your needs. This means you will need to make sure the ball’s size is small enough for you if you’re using a ball gag; you also need to clear up any rough edges, loose pieces of fabric and O-rings can dig painfully into the mouth. Yes, quite a big checklist…Also, keep in mind leather and suede are usually gentler on the skin than the ones made out of rubber. Just as well, make sure the material you will be biting into isn’t so hard that you will chip a tooth (not the greatest end to play time)…And beware of rubber and phthalates!

Once you have cleared all of that, you and your partner need to choose a safe word…”but how can I choose a choose word if I’m gagged, silly?”Well, you will need to use a safety sign.This can be a repeated movement like snapping your fingers, or rapidly opening and closing your mouth; or a repeated sound like humming a song or a serial of grunts. You can also have or grab an object like a pair of keys or a bell that you can either drop or jingle to signal play should stop; you can also squeeze your partner’s hand to signal something is wrong. You will have to get creative, especially if you are using other…equipment beside the gag. But hey, that is part of the fun, right? Put that brain to work wink*.

When you are playing, remember the best positions when you are playing with a gag involve being upright, like standing or sitting. It will also be more comfortable if your head is down. The important is the saliva doesn’t build up in a way that make you gag more.

In that same breathing line, keeping the person with the gag breathing normally it’s a priority. Gags don’t restrict breathing, but you should never ever leave someone alone with a gag (and why should you, anyways? Wink*). Also, if your partner has a cold, allergies, a stuffy nose or the flu, don’t use a gag because if the nasal passage is blocked, they won’t be able to breathe right and you know how that goes. And remember, gags can sometimes trigger the gag reflex and that can lead to vomiting. So be careful, if someone vomits when they are wearing a gag, it can lead to death.

The last safety measures have to do with the amount of time you wear a gag. As a general rule, a person shouldn’t wear a gag for more than 20 or 30 minutes tops. The jaw muscles will get tired and the person will start to get sore. As you start to use them more, you will find lasting longer (like a work out) but keep in mind wearing gags too long can actually damage your jaw, so thread carefully dear.


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