Best Methods to Indulge in Sensory Deprivation


Who doesn’t want to experiment with a little sensory deprivation in their lives? It usually consists on restricting the senses of sight and speech, but you could definitely play around a little bit. Some people even enjoy restricting all senses at the same time; needles to say, that one it’s quite intense so you probably want to leave it to advanced players (you can partake if you’ve been playing for a while!).

Ball gags are one of the most popular toys when it comes to sensory deprivation. It will basically render your mouth useless in the sense you won’t be able to talk or taste; the hardest one will even reduce you to intelligible sounds. But do be careful because they can make your jaw sore, especially if you’re not used to them.

Hoods are also great for deprivation because they impede and block hearing, smell, taste and sight. You can find them in several models, ranging from completely padded so you won’t be able to use any of those senses at all, to something more moderate that restricts only the lower face area or the upper one or one with holes…there are plenty of combinations out there depending on what you’re looking for exactly.

If you feel a hood might be too much, you can start with a blindfold. The sight is probably our primary sense, so taking that away makes everything that cums (ha!) your way a surprise. There are also several models in different materials that will affect your experience, so make sure you experiment to see what you like the best! And if you still want to take it a bit further, you can always use some earplugs in combination with blindfolds… it can be a nice touch wink*.

In order to thoroughly enjoy sensory deprivation you will probably need to be restrained. They are used to reduce the probabilities of someone ripping away their blindfold/gag or touch where they are not allowed…and in order for you not to hit an off limit area or spill wax where you shouldn’t. 

If you want to take it a step further, you can try a vacuum bed. This is top fantasy for those interested in sensory deprivation because they restrict breathing and isolate all the senses. It’s really, really intense and will make every touch feel 1000x more powerful. But keep in mind, as it’s so intense, you will need to try it after you’ve been experimenting for a while; vacuum beds are definitely not for beginners or people who are just getting into sensory play!


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