Must Try Sensual Blindfold Sex Positions


We have previously established just how awesome and intense sexual activities can be if you blindfold your partner. From using a (surprise!) sex toy on them and feeding them sensuous foods to giving them a massage and using sensation toys on their bodies. Wearing a blindfold will create a lack of other senses that will actually feel incredible; the other senses will be enhanced by this, creating other sensations you could have not imagine having before. But I should mention before trying any of this, you should approach your partner first to see how they would feel about this, some people are very claustrophobic and the thought of wearing a blindfold might be too much for them (and not the good kind of too-much!).

Assuming they don’t have any claustrophobic issues, introduce the subject to your partner and tell them what I just told you, that blindfolds increase the sensory experience and basically heighten every other thing, and see if they are not completely sold on the idea of trying some things in the bedroom with a blindfold on. So, after all is said and done, shall we have a look on popular sex positions to do while you have a blindfold on?

    • In the dark: Ok, so this one should be a lot of fun and does not need a lot of moving around. It will also feel very intimate in spite of the blindfold. First, both of you should wear a blindfold. Then, the man will have to sit in the bed against the headboard; he should have his legs straight out in front of him. The woman will proceed to sit on his lap, this time facing him with her feet at either side of him, at hip level. The man will pull her to his hips while she rocks back and forward. What’s good about this position? Well, as they are both blindfolded, the couple should sense each other’s rhythm to stay in sync (no peeking!).
  • Sexy Dancing: For this one, the man should be blindfolded. Then he should take a sit on a bed (or a chair, or sofa or any other surface wink*), while the woman sits on his lap while facing away from him. The rhythm should go somehow like this: on the upstroke the woman leans into the man and in the dowstroke she should lean away from him. This will increase the penetration, going much deeper. I should also mention this position places all the control on the lady, so if you as a woman (or your partner, if it’s a man reading this, hello love wink*)are a little shy of taking control in the bedroom, this will be perfect; if the man is blindfolded you will be less self conscious about it, wink*.
  • The key: For this one it won’t matter if the woman or the man has the blindfold on. One of you will get the blindfold in place and will lie on their back at the bed. The other participant will then proceed to play with them; they can lick, massage, kiss or do anything they want to with the other’s body (something I love to do? Use a littlehot wax on them, wink*). When the person that is lied down is sufficiently aroused and restless, tie their hands and feet to the bed to increase the torture. The one in control could alternate between penetration, oral sex or use some sex toys like a vibrator. You can get creative and use ice cubs or other sensation inducing things (maybe the hot wax I told you about earlier? Wink*), as well. It goes without saying the sensations will be amplified, besides of the feeling of intrigue and not knowing what will be done next. My advice here would be to go a bit slow and proceed with caution; you will have to be extra careful with your partner’s reaction to things, because it can (and it will!) get intense. For this reasons you should carefully monitor and gauge their reactions.

Now, these are only a couple of sex positions you could try to get to started. I’m sure you will come up with many, many more…


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