Great Sex Toys for Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile Dysfunction is nothing to be ashamed of; there are plenty of men out there who experience it more often than not. If anything, we should be talking about it more!The thing is, there are plenty of choices out there for men with ED…I mean, there are a great variety of options a man can use to enjoy sex with a partner, in case you didn’t got it, wink*.

If you (or your partner) experience it, toys will be your best friend. For one, you can use them to help maintain an erection long enough for intercourse, or in order to masturbate if you are single. You can also use them to get a dry orgasm (that’s an orgasm without ejaculating, for those not versed in the subject wink*);or alternatively they can improve blood flow to the penis and make you relaxed without getting an orgasm.

Penis pumps are great to increase the penis’s blood flow AKA: making the penis erect. They are also great in general to improve the circulation to the member and to also make you more sensitive, which translates to more pleasure. So basically win-win for everyone. If you really want to take it up a notch, you can combine that sucking sensation the pump gives you with a little vibration. This combo will help you get an erection and will probably help you get an orgasm if you keep it up.

If you can get an erection or a partial one but have problems staying there, a great choice is to use a cock ring. You can also help you out a bit with the pump first and then get the ring, whatever way you prefer. The important thing is to place the ring at the base of the penis; it will trap the blood there long enough for you to ejaculate. There are some models that even include a vibrator to help maintain the erection and well, because it feels great (or so I’ve seen…anyway, the word vibrator always make things better wink*) and it also feels amazing for us ladies during intercourse, by the way. Just make sure to get a single cock ring, not a double one because they are not recommended for men who suffer from ED. And don’t forget the lubricant!


Electrical stimulation is also used to help Ed and it’s not as crazy as it sounds. These machines are used to relax the muscles, reduce stress and bring you pleasure, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

On the other hand, a prostate massage is another great way to achieve an orgasm without getting an erection. Massaging the prostate will not only feel incredible, but it also has a lot of health benefits, so it’s the perfect excuse to try it wink*.


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