More Sexy Role Play BDSM Scenes You Must Do


Role play can be a great way to have some fun and practice your creativity skills. Even if you haven’t practiced it before, it can be a great way to connect with your partner in a different way; you can also learn a lot about yourself! This is all about exploring new aspects and seeing where the ride takes you.

Sometimes the most unexpected things can lead us to discover new things about ourselves. That is why you need to keep an open mind when it comes to role play; usually the things you didn’t think you could enjoy actually end up being the things you love the most.

Role play can also be a great way to let go of inhibitions if you are a bit shy. If you have always wanted to be more sexually adventurous or even more outspoken but you are not entirely confident with it, look no further than role play. As it allows you to be someone else for a while, role play is great to make believe as another person. As a result, you will be less shy, because technically, you’re not your normally shy self. If you don’t believe me, just go & try it and report back to me. Go on, I will be right here waiting.

Having that in mind, let’s check out some popular role play scenarios you can try with your partner. Keep in mind these are just a few ideas for you to start on your own. Adapt them as you like or interpret them with your own particular needs and tastes:

  • If you are looking to ramp up the sexiness factor, the high paid escort/prostitute scenario will probably be right up your alley. It is just what it sounds like: your partner will pretend to be a client and will need to pay for your services. Make sure to dress really sexy, lingerie and heels included, maybe even a wig and set up the rules. You can approach them in a bar and seduce them. Maybe you don’t do kissing with your clients? But everything else is on the table
  • If you want to act out being ordered around, you could try being a robot. This means your partner will be asking you to do things and you, as a robot that doesn’t think, will need to follow along. Remember you won’t be able to express opinions or take the lead, your owner will instruct you what to do and that is it. Let’s hope they don’t make you do things that are too naughty wink*
  • For a fun take on a classic fairytale: have you thought about being a sleeping beauty of sorts who can only be woken up when their partner stimulates them? You will be laying down “asleep”; you can put on a blindfold and try to be as immobile as possible, while your partner tries to wake you up by trying different stimulations. Caressing with all over with a flogger? Running a vibrator down your body? Kissing you all over? Who knows? Wink*
  • For a good ‘let loose’ scenario, you can always play a stripper. Tie your partner to a chair and proceed to dance and strip for them. Get as close as you want, maybe even do a lap dance if you feel like it. But hey! Remember the rule: no touching!


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