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Speak now or forever hold your peace: How gags can impact your sex life

If you are thinking to add a mouth gag to your sex life, you are on a path to discover a lot of interesting fetishes and fantasies that can change your intimate life for the better! Mouth gags are popular for a wide variety of sex scenes, and not only those based on BDSM fetishes. You can use mouth gags during a vanilla sex scene or a medical play scene and have the same intense effect. However, when it comes to bondage scenes, you should definitely consider using such a gag for your slave. On top of the fact that their body is restricted, they will lose the ability to have an opinion as well. This can be a great turn on for the dominant partner as well, not just for the submissive one. As a mistress or master, you will feel that your dominance over your lover is complete and you will be able to reach intense sexual pleasure thanks to this feeling.

Mouth gags can be used in a multitude of sexual encounters and you will never regret investing in such toys! Since mouth gags became so popular in such a short period of time, the market offers a wide variety of them in order to satisfy all the clients. BDSM enthusiasts are curious to try out new fetishes with every occasion they have and they always tend to try to overcome their limits. You can find almost any type of mouth gags that you can think of and they go perfectly with different fantasies you might want to try with your lover. Ball gags were the most famous and appreciated gags for a long time and they are still on top of some clients’ preferences when they want to try such a sex toy. They come in a variety of colors and they are made of different materials so you can choose exactly what you need as long as you know what you are looking for. Each ball gag can suit a specific outfit and there are many ways to incorporate them into your deepest fantasies. 

Open mouth gags are also very attractive for many couples because they involve a lot more fetishes than you would imagine. An open mouth gag can easily imply a certain level of submission but also they can be a great path to enjoy a drooling fetish that many seem to have in the past years. You can find open mouth gags made of metal and that come in different colors and shapes in order to accommodate more sexual preferences. There are also medical gags that come in open mouth shape and you should definitely give them a try if you like these type of sex scenes. Especially if you want to match them with a cute and sexy nurse outfit. 

A new and innovative model of mouth gags is the inflatable type. These ones are extremely comfortable to wear and they give the illusion of oral sex which can be a real turn on for both partners involved in the sex scene. You can choose inflatable gags that come in different shapes in order to increase the excitement of your sexual encounter. Just like with any other gags, pay attention to the type of material that they are made off because this can be a very important detail.

You will find penis gags all over when it comes to sex toys and accessories. These gags shaped like a penis are very exciting for partners who use them during sexual intercourse or any type of sex scene. Because they are shaped like a penis, the turn on feeling is a lot more intense for everyone using them. You will notice that you will enjoy them just as much as a submissive a you would as a dominant. Because they are very versatile, these gags can be matched with a variety of sex scenes and fantasies. 

Keep in mind that every time you use a mouth gag you enhance not only the sexual activity that you are engaged into but also the type of sensations that you will experience. Both you and your lover will feel more excited by everything that is going on in the bedroom and you will fall in love with each other over and over again because discovering new sexual pleasures together can really empower your intimate relationship. Use a mouth gag every time you need to boost your sex life a bit and don’t look at the limits that such a toy might impose you, but instead focus on the new experiences that you and your lover can try out together. Keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to try out new fetishes every time the occasion appears in order to discover new sides of your sexuality along the way. Mouth gags give you the intensity that you need to have better orgasms, better sensations and much better sex scenes along with your lover!

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