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The Allure Of The Feminine Physique - How to Cross Dress & Look the Part!


Wearing female clothing can be quite a challenge. Yes, even for women. So imagine when you are a man wearing women’s clothing. Clothes are probably the first thing a woman notices on anyone, especially how a particular item fits. So, what to do with a particular garment or how to hide certain body problem areas (it’s ok, we all have them wink*).

For men is a bit more difficult simply because the clothing is not designed for them. Men usually have longer and bigger arms, wider shoulders, less hips, no waist and… an Adam’s apple. So you want to wear clothes that you love and they also hide your flaws. I promise it’s possible wink*.

- If you have a bit of a pot belly or don’t have much of a waist (basically, a wider mid session…yes, plenty of us humans have that issue wink*). What you want to do here is to wear clothes with dropped waists or raised waistlines. Garments with baby doll cuts, empire waists or just loose around the midsection are great. Don’t ever tug it in because your belly will look bigger and always wear a corset! It can do miracles, wink*.

- If you have a wide chest, a proportionate breast form will help balance things along. Also, keep in mind deep necklines such as V cuts will create the illusion of a leaner chest. Sweaters and jackets will be your friends, as well as dark colors.

- If you don’t have a butt and have small hips, you can always wear padding to create the illusion of bigger things down there (use foam padding if you cant invest in something more professional).  To balance out things along, use light colors on the bottom and darker colors on top; and remember a line dresses and skirts will make your hips look shapely.

- If you have broad shoulders, wear clothes with short sleeves and don’t wear clothes that cut off at your shoulders or have structured or puffy shoulders. If you are wearing something that shows your shoulders and want to hide them a bit, wear a shawl or sweater on top.

- If you are too tall, try to stay away from monochromatic looks because they create a vertical illusion. You can always use bigger prints to look shorter and make use of contrasting colors! They will break your figure to help you seem less tall.

- If you have an Adam’s Apple (every man reading this, ha ha)…I mean, if you have a very prominent Apple, wear something with a long neck to hide it. You can also use jewelry like a pretty necklace or a scarf.

And no matter what, remember all bodies are beautiful! So love your own, wink*.