The Master’s List of Creative BDSM Slave Commands


Every slave wants to feel owned, right? Because if they don’t feel their Master has control over them, what is even the point? The Master can achieve this through different ways, it can be something really small or a big gesture; the important thing is the constant reminder they are in charge of their slave. So you can add these ideas to your own personal list:

  • If your slave has to spend the day far from you, for instance if you two work at different places, make them call you everyday at the same hour without any excuses.
  • What is a slave without its collar? Make sure to get one for them to make it official. You can have several, maybe one subtler for everyday wear (especially if they live in a more conservative environment) and a fancier/flashier one for special occasions. Remember they will have to wear it, if not at all times, then as much as they can.
  • You can choose how they will style their hair. Whether they need to grow it, cut it, dye it…its up to you. And if your slave it’s a man, you also get to choose if they will grow a beard and how it will be styled.
  • If you’ve had a long day, make them massage your feet and back. And extra points if you make them run you a relaxing bath.
  • You can also make them take out the clothes you will wear the next day. They will need to get it laid out and make sure they are cleaned and ironed.
  • Oversee their work out routine and notice if any changes need to be done.
  • Some days, you can put them on a leash and make them follow you around while you do things around the house. Don’t speak to your slave or incorporate them into your business.
  • If you want to reward their good behavior, make them please you sexually.
  • Without warning, check their bodies to see if they are keeping up your likings/previous agreements (body hair, nails, etc). The key for this one will be to do those inspections randomly.
  • When they have to go out alone, make them wear a butt plug underneath their clothes.
  • A good treat is to wash and pamper your slave. But they will need to be completely still as you wash, condition and brush their hair, and when you wash their bodies.
  • Make them eat from cat or dog bowl (just don’t feed them animal food!)
  • Another good treat is to get them sexy underwear or outfits you want for them to wear.
  • Torture them with tickles…just because you can wink*.


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