Easy Ways to Stimulate Your Sexual Relationship


It’s proven: that mad lust and desire you feel for your partner will most likely fade in 18 months. But that doesn’t mean you will stop having sex. It just means that uncontrollable need for your partner will be a bit more subdued. So, what can you do to try to keep it as 100% as you can? You can incorporate some…ahem, activities to your sex life…

Probably the easiest solution is to add some sex toys to your relationship. There are just about a million options out there, so you can definitely get one that fits your needs. The main thing to focus before you get one is to figure out if the toy will be used by one of you or it will be something you can use together during sex.

Another thing to keep in mind is what you enjoy and prefer, obviously. For instance, If you like breast stimulation, get something nipple related. On the other hand, if you like clitoral stimulation, owning a bullet is probably a good idea. If your partner wants to dabble on prostate stimulation, add a prostate massager or an anal plug to your lives. It will be an awesome idea, wink*

If you are not ready to take the plunge to sex toys, you can always practice some sexy activities. Stripping is one of the sexiest activities, so imagine how powerful it would feel actually doing it. Besides, imagine the look on your partner’s face when they see you sexily taking off that dress to reveal…a pair of gorgeous and even sexierunderwear? Or maybe a beautiful corset? And don’t forget to put on some sexy pair of heels. It will be a very fun experience for both of you; just don’t forget the music!

Everyone has a role playing fantasy, right? So why not make them come true? Have a conversation about what your fantasies are and decide on one. You two will need to prepare, so don’t forget to get the outfit and any props you may need.

Some common fantasies are the dominant-submissive, or the maid cleaning around the house while their sexy boss looks on…a naughty schoolgirl who wants to talk to the professor?

If you want to try something different, you can always play some games. You can make your partner put on a blindfold while you kiss, touch or caress they body as you like. Or you can get one of those sex dices that indicate what body part should you touch, kiss or lick. With some creativity, the spark will be ignited for a long time wink*


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