What You Must Know Before Binding Your Sub


After you decided to become the dominant in the relationship you started to get on the right mental state for it. Then you got some clothing that went with it and all the props you could need. So now you have a willful slave, you are dressed for the part and have all the necessary elements… Except you don't know how to tie someone up. But rest assured, binding someone is not that hard and provides a lot of fun. So, after you are finished reading this, that little problem definitely won't be bothering you anymore (just keep in mind you will need rope or tape. Well, obviously, giggles*)

Tying their hands and feet: First, start by binding their hands; pull them behind their back and wrap the tape or rope around them (if you are using rope, keep in mind cotton rope is best because it does not cause chaffing)Cinch it between their wrists to make sure they can't get their hands out; the binding should be below their thumb joint, with the knot out of reach from their fingers. And remember their palms should face each other because it makes it harder to get the knots out.

As for the feet, start by removing their shoes before fastening the ankles.This guarantees they can't wiggle their feet free. You should tie the feet above the ankle, making sure to cinch it between the ankles. If you want to or depending on your needs, you can also bind the knees together.

When you are finished, be careful the binding is not cutting their hand's and feet's circulation. If they are, make them a bit looser.

  • To a chair? If you are tying someone to a chair, bind an extra piece of tape or rope to his or her torso and between the arms to prevent him or her from squirming and escaping.
  • Not sure if it's too tight? A little scout's tip: put a finger under the rope. If you can't fit your finger through, chances are is too tight. And you should also make sure the knots are not too tight, because, like I said above, they can restrict blood flow (and we want the opposite of that, right? Wink*)
  • Don't have a chair? If you want to keep someone steady, you can roll them to their stomach and bring their tied ankles towards their (already bound) wrists. Unite them with some other piece of rope or tape, placing them in a hogtie. If you don't want to get through this hassle and want something professional, you can always get onewink* Just be careful because this position can restrict breathing.

The fun is in the gag:If you gag someone, you are ensuring they can't talk (or beg, he he) and this can make it more exciting as well. You can either gag them with a proper one, they come in a variety of styles to choose from, or you could improvise with a handkerchief or apiece of cloth.

And also in the blindfold! Not being able to see what's happening adds another layer to the experience as well. You can also choose from more professional props or simply use a bandanna, a piece of fabric or some scarf.

In order to have fun and ensure a pleasurable and safe experience, it is necessary to follow some tips. These pieces of safety advice should not be taken lightly:

  • Never bound someone around the neck or throat area.
  • If you are using a cloth to gag them, make sure to dampen it first to keep their mouth from drying out.
  • If they are having trouble breathing (and not the good kind of troubled breathing you are looking for!) untie them as fast as you can.
  • You should always ensure not to tie someone too tight.
  • Never, never, ever leave a person you have tied up alone. For safety reasons, you should be immediately able to unbind them. Especially if they are gagged!
  • Be aware of any changes in breathing. I know this can be a little hard considering the activities, but you should be able to gauge if something is wrong. Particularly if they are gagged.

In general, be very careful with the tape or rope.


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