Your Ultimate Guides to Medical Toys


A Visit to the Vet for your Pony - Dental Examination

If you are into oral things like gags and mouth play and you are interested in pony play, giving your pony a dental exam seems like a match made in heaven.


A Visit to the Vet for your Pony - The Physical Exam

In order for you to perform a physical exam on your pony, you will probably need to restrict them first…you don’t know if they will run when they see the equipment you will use wink*.


Beginner’s Guide to Anal Douching and Enemas

Chances are good that you have at the very least heard of anal douching and enemas. Perhaps you are considering it as a health option to keep things running smoothly.


How to use a Steel Anal Hook

Steel Anal Hooks are super popular on BDSM play, and I’m not exactly talking about fishing wink*.The most used ones are anal and vaginal hooks; but they are usually reserved by more advanced level players, if you get my drift.


Put a Little Spark into Your Play: Violet Wands

Tied to the cross, Jane cannot see Mike behind her. The anticipation thick in the air, Jane shivers as she waits, not knowing what was coming. Suddenly, she hears a buzzing, an unfamiliar electrical sound.


Steel Anal Hooks 101

Ass (sorry, couldn’t resist wink*)you know, hooks are usually made out of stainless steel and they are also called tail, butt or ass hook. They tend to have a J shape and most of them have a ball at one end and an o-ring at the other to add some rope or restraints.


Steel Anal & Vaginal Hooks

Hooks make up a big part in any BDSM/torture fanatic drawers, am I right? They are also a great way to spice up your sex life or to try something once every once in a while…but there no guarantees you won’t start to try it on daily bases wink*.


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