Your Ultimate Guides to Sex During Pregnancy


3 Advantages of Sex during Pregnancy

Sex during pregnancy has its advantages you should enjoy while you can because they are temporary! Here are the main advantages to have sex during pregnancy and how you can make the most out of it!


3 Sex Fetishes to Try When You Are Pregnant

Being pregnant can be one of the most amazing events in a woman’s life. If you are not familiar with the amazing aspects of sex during pregnancy, here are some intense fetishes you and your partner must try!


3 Sex Positions to Avoid when Pregnant

Here are some ideas to consider when you are trying to adjust your sex life to your pregnancy and how to make the most out of your intimate moments!


4 Nipple Play Tips to Arouse a Pregnant Woman

Pregnant women have extremely sensitive nipples and this can only work to your advantage when it comes to having a more intense BDSM scene. So, let’s see what are the best stimulation toys and accessories to take advantage of your pregnant lover’s excited and sensitive nipples.


4 Ways To Punish A Pregnant Slave Safely And Erotically

There are times when your submissive love needs a good punishment session and being pregnant shouldn’t stop you from disciplining them the way they need and deserve. Here are some useful tips when you want to punish your slave!


Change from Within - Kegel Exercises to Improve Sexual Health!

The first step is to concentrate and find the exact location of your pelvis muscle. Of course you know roughly where it is located, but you should also feel the location and the muscle in your mind.


Great Sex during Pregnancy

Oh pregnancy, that wonderful time in a woman’s life. You are nurturing and growing a baby inside of you; that has its perks but also has its downfalls.


How to have Hot Pregnancy Sex

Hormones can cause quite a roller coaster in our bodies and general self’s. And when you are pregnant, that roller coaster can go on a million miles per hour.


Pregnancy Sex FAQ’s

Having sex will cause a miscarriage? During a normal pregnancy, sex will not cause a miscarriage. Usually miscarriages happen when there’s an underlying problem with the baby, for instance, the fetus is not developing as it should.


Working Out Your Womanhood - Kegels & Vaginal Tightening

There are some things women tend to take for granted or simply we don’t really give it much thought. And since we rarely think about it, I’m going to tell you right away what is that something we hardly ever think about.


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