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Top 10 Better XXXmas Gift Ideas

Get this, not that! (XXXmas Edition)

Ugh, who needs another ugly Christmas sweater? 

Does anyone actually eat fruit cake? (Do you know or even heard of of anyone who has actually eaten fruit cake? Where do they all go? Why do they still make them?) But who doesn't want better sex?

Is Master hard (to shop for)? Is Mistress threatening to throw away those keys if she doesn't receive the perfect XXXmas gift this year? 

Forget boring holiday season presents. This year, upgrade your gift giving practice and impress everyone on your list with these kinky goodies for their stocking. Keep these XXXmas gifts in mind when shopping and you’ll both be wishing for even longer winter nights together!


1. Is your man always tied up at work?

Don't get him another necktie, get something to tie him down and show him who’s the boss in the bedroom!

2. Plain old socks are not enough to warm your cold feet at Christmas.

Dress up in latex stockings and your toes will be tingling from great sex instead!


3. Start a new gift giving tradition.

Instead of an ugly Christmas sweater, get her a teddy to wear and heat up those cold winter nights! (Can't wait until next year!)

4. Hand lotions may keep hands soft and smooth.

But if you’re looking for an extra wet and wild ride, then silicone lube is best. Plus, it's better for your skin and your cheeks will have a rosy complexion as you bask in the sexual afterglow!


5. Fuzzy mittens and a furry hat?

Cute, sure, but you can't do anything in mittens anyways (ever tried to pick things up wearing mittens?) so you might as well get them some Bondage Mittens. If you can't do anything with your hands, you might as well have some fun and having a pair of *real* (by which we mean *bondage*) mittens will make sure your lover won’t misbehave. 
Plus, have you ever tried to pick up chocolates with mittens on? No need for that after-Christmas diet! 

6. A hat or ear muffs isn’t enough to stay truly warm during those cold, dark winter nights.

Give your submissive a hood instead for the ultimate sensory deprivation experience both of you will enjoy. You'll certainly heat things up in the bedroom!


7. While she might appreciate a new kitchen appliance

She'll love you even more when you present her with a magic wand vibrator. Every time it makes her legs shake, she’ll be thinking of you. Better yet, she’ll be ready for you.

8. You should know even the most boring people hate getting a coffee mug at Christmas?

What they secretly want is something to stuff in their mug like a nice gag! It also comes in handy when they don't really like the other gifts you've gotten them since they can’t complain! What’s more, your gagged partner can thank you later for all the Christmas cookies they couldn’t eat!

9. Do you dread cleaning up Christmas Tree pine needles until next July?

Get a pinwheel for a wonderful sensory play toy. It's a perfect XXXmas gift to get your points across. Plus, you'll never have to clean up a pinwheel needle!

10. A Starbucks gift card can’t express how much you’re lusting for your lover.

Instead, give them a gift card. It’s perfect when you’re having a hard time deciding or can’t make up your mind at all. Let your lover decide. You can also create a Wish List to share with your lover. This way, they can get what you want and then you can get exactly what you really want from them later!

(Besides, the lines at Starbucks are already too long and we don't have any lines at all!)

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