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What Type of Submissive Are You?


Just as there are several types of dominants, there are several types of submissives. Everyone has a different relationship with BDSM and everyone likes it for particular reasons; sometimes it is actually a combination of several things. But subs like having a dominant for different reasons, so let’s review the most common types. Which one are you?

  • Slaves: They love that endorphin rush that comes with enduring pain. Their favorite part of this are the pain scenes; for instance, they probably need bondage to be held in place while the dom administers pain through whips or paddles. They crave the pain, bondage is just a plus.
  • Equipment: This slave loves the equipment and may have a particular interest in some material. This could be something like latex or leather. Or they can love straightjackets, hoods, rope, gags, ballet shoes, etc. The probably love the sensation of those materials or how they feel on the skin. Their rush has more to do with the equipment than to actually having someone dominate them; sometimes they may even love to play on their own just with the equipment.
  • Intense: These people are just looking for something that makes sex even more intense. They enjoy any experience that increases sensitivity, making sex more powerful and extreme. Sometimes they view bondage as something extra to add to their sex lives, not as a lifestyle.
  • Slave: These slaves just want someone who dominates them. Their particular kink is just submitting to someone and the sensation of being used by someone; that brings them pleasure. They may love very restricting bondage like mummification, hoods, or any sensory depravation method.
  • Bondage: They love being restricted and the elements of the scene, like the type of bondage; the positions and how everything looks also tend to be extremely important. The dom is usually viewed as a companion or a partner, not a superior. They like to play alone most times and they view bondage as a game.


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