2337P Anal Eaze - 1.5 oz.

Eaze into comfort with our cherry-flavored formula for anal stimulation. This lubricant will turn your sexual encounters into delightful anal pleasures.

Try it on your favorite toy for easy insertion. Apply liberal amounts to the anus and your desired insertion piece (penis/toy/finger) for best results. Next, just get ready to enjoy any easy, pleasurable sexual anal encounter!

Be sure to see my collections of Anal Toys and Dildos (and, of course, Strap-Ons!) for something fun to play with too!

Once you've got the cherry popped, this anal lubricant will make the asshole an easy place to ravage. A hogtie set will be pretty handy in this scenario!

At only 1.5 fl. oz. size, it's a definite travel bag essential!

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