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1760A Submission Short Leather Lead, Red


Submission Short Leather Lead, Red is perfectly designed for naughty pet and misbehaving subs. The length was purposely made short so the Owner can have more control and power over the slaves. It may be short in length, but it sure is not lacking any kinkiness in it.

This fantastic leash is all leather, with 1/2" wide and 21" in total length including the snap. This means you and your pet will only be within 21 inches apart. Too many wicked bondage accessories you can use with that proximity, like electro-stim nipple toys, trainer ball gag, or wrist & ankle cuffs. You can parade your helpless pet around by walking, or you can choose her to be steady and take all strikes of your paddle. To make sure no one runs away, you can attach the handle to a sturdy pole or chair. When you are done playing (or torturing) your pet, it is time for the aftercare. You can easily detach the leash to the collar by using the 1/4" metal quick snap hook.

Since red is often associated with hot desire, passion and lust, make sure you prove them right by checking our matching Red Leather Bondage Gear. Make the perfect bondage gear playtime set!

Strictness Rating: 2.25