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1847M Steel the Spotlight Chrome Steel Collar to Wrist Dungeon Irons Cuffs and Padlocks Set

Hurry! Only 5 left in stock!

You're going to love this incredible set, whether dom/me or sub. They're not only sexy/pretty in gleaming chrome, but strict as well. Everybody wins!

Our Steel the Spotlight Chrome Steel Collar to Wrist Dungeon Irons Cuffs and Padlocks Set are a must have for any well-dressed slave! Your sub will appreciate being the apple of your eye (but your sub will be blindfolded!) and it shows exactly how much you care for them when you lock them up in chromed cuffs this deliciously sexy. They're the perfect gleaming dungeon wear accessory for the fetish wear - or nothing at all! - that you love your submissive dressed up and locked up in.

Each cuff is nearly 1/4" thick and rounded edges make all that steel fit so comfortably, you'll prefer to wear these rather than handcuffs any day. These fit up to either a 6" or 7.25" circumference wrist and they're even shaped perfectly to fit the natural contours of the wrist in an oblong shape. After all, who has perfectly round wrists? These are made not only to look great, but to work great, fit great and feel great too! They're easy to fasten on too. Each chrome cuff is hinged for easy application.

The hinged, rolled chrome steel collar is fitted on with a screw (a mini-screwdriver is even included in the set!) for a lovely seamless look. A ring is available to use with or without on the collar to attach the chain to, but you can use any of the pieces alone also!

The set includes:
- 2 Chromed Wrist Cuffs
- Chrome Collar w/Screwdriver
- 3 Padlocks
- Plus a 3-Way Chain to attach everything! Measuring 16" long and 2" for each wrist connection.

The wrist cuffs can be attached together with only one padlock, eliminating the chain between them and any play your lover might have otherwise had between their cuffed wrists.

The One Size collar fits up to 14.5", and the wrist cuffs fit up to 6".

The Plus Size collar fits up to 16.5", and the wrist cuffs fit up to 7.25"

Strictness Rating: 4.0