2238ZT Red Hot Vinyl PVC Stretch Full Zip Crotch Vinyl PVC Catsuit DEAL FRENZY

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Are you on fire? Your lover will think you are burning hot in our adorable yet sleek and sexy Red Hot Vinyl PVC Stretch Full Zip Crotch Vinyl PVC Catsuit. 

This sexy, shiny bright red catsuit goes great with whipped cream, nipple clamps *just unzip a bit* and a ball gag or bit gag on top! Tease, taunt and, best of all, tempt your lover with the saucy zipper front. How much candy will they get? Just a little or are they in for full treat? With the zip front catsuit, you decide how sexy or saucy you want to be.  

Did I mention this catsuit’s open crotch zipper unzips all the way around, yes you heard me, this red hot vinyl catsuit goes all the way. Do you? *wink* 

And should things go just the way you planned, there is even a matching shiny shiny red hot G-string included. After all, man cannot live by bread alone...they must also have "candy" to be truly happy...  Good thing you are such a tempting and tasty treat. At least, that was what he wrote on the bathroom wall last week...*wink* 

This shiny red hot spandex PVC catsuit is made of high quality stretch spandex to give you amazing curves while lifting your cleavage and boosting your “ass-et”. The scoop neck design really shows that cleavage off very well. We love that, don’t we? And, yeah, I’m pretty sure he does too! 

Available sizes: Small, Medium, Large, & Extra Large 

For more information on choosing the right size for you or for a gift, please see our Lingerie Sizing Charts to also help you with converting US and international sizing. 

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