2249L Spank-alicious Open Crotch and Rear Black Sheer Pantyhose

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Ladies and Gentlemen! Prepare to be fully scandalized by our black Spank-alicious Open Crotch and Rear Black Sheer Pantyhose! Why is it open at both the front and back? Well, for easy insertions and spankings, of course! If you have an unhealthy obsession with stockings, then this open crotch and rear pantyhose is the one for you. 

That’s right, prepare to be exhausted yet completely happy the next morning at work when your beautiful and naughty minx wears this black sheer open crotch pantyhose the night beforeIt promises to double your pleasures in the bedroom. It’s a great opportunity to try out a dildo and anal plug at the same time.  

Complete your saucy outfit with a naughty sexy costume for a night of erotic roleplaying. Bring a spanking crop with you to enjoy its opening at the back, you naughty girl. 

This sexy pantyhose is available in One Size only. For more information on choosing the right size for you or for a gift, please see our Lingerie Sizing Charts to also help you with converting US and international sizing.

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