2252L Sexy Bow Top Opaque Black Nylon Black Stockings

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Wrap up your bondage slave in this pair of lovely Sexy Bow Top Opaque Black Nylon Black Stockings! For a touch of sweet innocence yet slightly naughty look to any outfit or erotic costume. These flirty thigh highs has you covered. You can even make your little pet wear this, and only this, and treat them like a present that you can open up at the end of the day. 

These adorable and saucy opaque thigh highs feature a satin ruffle trim and bow at the top. Made of easy-care nylon fabric and magical fairy dust sprinkles. *smile* Just checking to see if you were paying attention. Perhaps, you are already picturing your adorable slave girl in these super hot black bow tie ruffle top stockings. 

No matter what sexy personality you’re playing, be it a slave, pet, or even a hogtied housemaid, these thigh-highs with the ribbons on top is a wonderful addition to your fantasy character for the day! You will even please your Master or Mistress further by opening yourself up with spreader bar and plugging yourself up for uninterrupted fun tlast the whole night. 

These opaque black nylon thigh-highs is available in One Size and Plus Size variations. For more information on choosing the right size for you or for a gift, please see our Lingerie Sizing Charts to also help you with converting US and international sizing.

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