2411A Oh MY! Black Leather Ring Gag Trainer Harness

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Who will be saying Oh MY! the loudest when this wonderful ring gag trainer is buckled tightly onto your slave? Will it be the submissive when they see what you're about to put in their held-open mouth? Or will it be the Dom/me when you find out what your slave can do with a ring gagged mouth? *wink*

This medium plastic ring is easy to fit behind the teeth and easier to wear than a leather wrapped ring. For submissives, it's smooth and won't bother your teeth, your gums or the roof of your mouth. So you can concentrate on the important tasks at hand...or rather, at mouth.

Dom/mes, do you love a drooling slave? You can even drizzle in a little honey to make them drool even more (you're so bad!) or you may even dream up a little punishment with something that's not so sweet (you're sooo bad!) In fact, you might just stuff something else in there like an inflatable gag, a dildo or plug. 

Perhaps, a bit of cloth of some sort? Once the gag is in, you can wrap their mouth shut too. They'll be helpless to do anything about it when they're wearing their ring gag trainer. Two over-the-top head harness straps make sure this gag is anchored firmly in place until you unbuckle it. There will be no pulling this one off or rubbing the top strap off on the floor or the bedsheets. 

Here's a gag you'll both love, so really, what's not to love? It's time to put a little of that love where your mouth is (held open)! Oh MY!

This medium sized ring has an outer diameter of 1 7/8"  and an inner diameter of 1 1/4".

You're going to love our matching Black Leather Bondage Gear for the perfect companion pieces to this. Make the perfect bondage gear playtime set!

For more information, please see my Gags FAQ page.

** Trainer Top Tips!
Twist the straps that align at the bridge of the nose, between the eyes the first time you put this on. Everyone's face is shaped a little different and we've designed that rivet to be a pivot point so those straps that run up the cheek, along the eyes, can be adjusted for the wearer's comfort. Just grasp the strap that goes over the top of the head and hold both nose straps with your other hand. A few twists back and forth should do it and you'll be able to move the straps so they don't cover your sub's eyes!

Another great tip to position that strap perfectly at the bridge of the nose if the straps meet together too low is to buckle the overhead strap more tightly to pull it upwards to the forehead. If it's too high, just loosen the top strap buckles and tighten the chin strap to pull it down.

Strictness Rating:  2.50

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