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2485D Latex Open Gag

Hurry! Only 4 left in stock!

Ooooooh - I know lots of possibilities are crossing your mind right now. I know this because I had the same things running through my mind when I first saw this gag!

Do you like a drooling sub? Imagine your pretty little collared submissive drooling out of this gag! Not enough? Add a little honey through its opening...then give them some sugar if you know what I mean.*wink*

Made of high quality latex, this has to be the most comfortable ring/open style gag I've worn yet. The wide latex mouth piece keeps the lips gagged tightly against it.  The latex straps are easy to fasten tight with the roller buckle but it's still comfortable since the strap stretches slightly.

The tube itself has 1 1/4" inner diameter (what you can fit through it) and 1 1/2" outer diameter (the part you stretch your mouth around) and goes nearly 3/4" deep into the mouth with another 1" of tube length on the outer side of the gag. The tube itself is hard plastic covered with a soft and sexy latex coating. So what are you thinking right now? I'm thinking of an inflatable dildo right now ;)

Remember to pick up some of our Silicone Lubricant from my lubes and lotions pages to shine your latex to a sexy gloss as shown in the photo. The sheen is a great cum on for subs. *wink*

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For more information, please see my Gags FAQ page.

Strictness Rating: 2.75