2707A Rubber Bound to Cum Multiple Orgasms Belt

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The Original !

Add a little more bondage and anal fun to your orgasms! Lots and lots of bondage and orgasms! Sounds good so far? Well, keep reading because this wonderfully fetishy rubber orgasm belt harness is just what you've been looking for!

This wonderful bondage belt style vibrator harness gives you several bondage and hardware attachment points for things like cuffs, ropes or other hardware. In addition, we've included a butt plug holder on its crotch strap, so you can add backdoor penetration to your leg-shaking orgasms!

The 3" wide belt is comfortable to struggle in against that buzzing toy (good luck - you'll need it!) and it looks great too. The large loop & O-ring hardware attached to the belt will jingle seductively with every shake and shiver of your hips.

You may even become trained like one of Pavlov's dogs, except instead of salivating for food, you'll drool in anticipation of your next session with this Multiple Orgasms Bondage Belt! You'll get shivers just thinking about it! (Is it possible to call a bondage belt the next day to tell it you're still thinking about it?...)

The harness portion holds your favorite Wand Style Vibrator or a vibrator with base like the  incredible "rabbit" style vibrators. The adjustable straps put the vibrator exactly where you want it and keep it there. I've had loads of comments on this style. Best of all, it works for any body type.

Wherever you're hot button is, this harness will keep that vibrator pressed there whether you want it to or not. When you first get this in the mail, don't make any plans for a while - you'll be busy! Be sure to check out my selection of wand-style vibrators for something to struggle against. Jingle-jangle-jinglegoes the hardware while you struggle!

The rubber is waterproof too, so if you're using a waterproof vibrator and butt plug, you'll be able to enjoy getting wet from multiple orgasms in the wet. *wink*

Be sure to shine your rubber bondage gear with my latex and rubber safe Silicone Lubricant for a long-lasting and beautiful sheen.

You need matching gear and we've got you covered. Check out all our Rubber Bondage Gear for the perfect match for this!

One size fits30" up to 35 1/2" waists. Plus size fits40 1/2" up to 47 1/2" waists.

Strictness Rating: 3.0

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