2786A Dark Desires Leather Thigh to Wrist Cuffs

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Turn your naughty daydreams into reality with our Dark Desires Leather Thigh to Wrist Cuffs. These wonderful leather cuffs work just as well for men as they do for women by trapping the thighs and binding the wrists right along with it. 

It's perfect for any bondage slave who moves around too much to help prevent oral sex injuries. *wink* Also, did I mention being very helpless in this set of cuffs makes it a must-try. They really intensify the feeling of helplessness which can really magnify other feelings, if you know what I mean.

I absolutely love these and they work face up or doggie-style face-down, whichever you prefer. Bring out the vibrator when your sub is facing up and spread open.

Does your naughty sub need some punishment? Well, make them face down for a good spanking! Whatever you decide, you'll have to try it to see how good it can be. Just remember to pair it with a gagand blindfold for more kink to your play time ;)

You're going to love our matching Black Leather Bondage Gear for the perfect companion pieces to this. Make the perfect bondage gear playtime set!

One size fits thighs 18 1/2" up to 23 1/2" and wrists from 7" up to 10 1/2".

Strictness Rating: 3.0

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