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4454BD Itsy Bitsy Spider Gag FLASH FRENZY

I love this product; just looking at it sends chills down my spine (in a good way of course). Our Itsy Bitsy Spider Gag is very similar to our #4455 Buckling Spider Gag, but it's smaller, so it's a little easier to wear.

Not to worry Master - this exotic gag is still strict! Plus, it's an open ring gag, which we all love...for different reasons.

The difference with this one is the "spider legs". They curve along your face to actually push the ring gag just a little farther into your mouth, helping to act as a mouth and cheek spreader. Now that your mouth is open wide - and staying that way! - whatever will you do? I've got some great ideas, but we've already done them, so I'll have to leave that to your imagination!

Does the carpet match the drapes? Who cares? But your bondage gear should match. See our Black Leatherette Bondage Gear collection to create your perfect matching set!

The soft leatherette strap is 16 1/2" - 23" long. The "spider legs" are 3" long and 2" apart. The ring is 1 3/4" outside diameter with a 1 1/2" inner diameter opening.

For more information, please see my Gags FAQ page.

Strictness Rating: 3.25

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